Jackie’s Waltz…


Just four days after Jackie Hudson died the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action came together for its annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki weekend gathering.  Jackie’s spirit was present throughout.  Singer/songwriter/peace activist Holly Gwinn Graham was there and was moved to write a song for Jackie.  She named it Jackie’s Waltz, and she sang it for us for the first time on a lovely Summer’s eve on the lawn in front of the Ground Zero meeting-house where Jackie lived and worked.  Here is a rare opportunity to hear Jackie’s Waltz as Holly first shared it with us.



Rise Up: Challenge Nuclear Madness


I have the honor and occasional pleasure of exchanging emails with a couple of uppity nuns from Minnesota who happen to think we need to abolish nuclear weapons and that it is high time that people everywhere rise up and make it happen.  They even wrote a letter to the editor, recently published in the LeSueur News Herald, that states the case quite eloquently (I think).  In fact, it got me thinking that one really good place to start is for all of us to write letters to the editors of our local newspapers (and do it NOW!). Continue reading

Jackie Hudson: Faith, Hope and Clarity

Dear Friends,

Yesterday back in Grand Rapids, Michigan Jackie Hudson’s dear Dominican sisters came together to celebrate a Mass of Resurrection at Dominican Chapel/Marywood.  The Grand Rapids  Press ran an obituary on Jackie mentioning one of her writings several years ago in a Dominican Sisters publication.  Jackie was reflecting “on her peace and justice activites” regarding that age old question: “Will my efforts bring about change in my lifetime.”

“Hard to tell; the important thing is that all of us remain faithful.”

Indeed, it is hard to tell.  Yet one of the keys, as Jackie so often reminded us and does so even now, is remaining faithful if we are to stay the course and do the hard work in such difficult struggles as the one to abolish nuclear weapons.

Thank you Jackie for your faith, your hope, and your clarity of vision that always kept you centered and a beacon to us all.

Click here to read the obituary in the Grand Rapids Press.



Jackie Hudson in Memoriam (Video)

This tribute to Jackie Hudson, 1934 to 2011, includes video clips from 2010 and 2011 captured by Rod Herold, Cascadia Media Productions.

Jackie Hudson, Oh Jackie

Editor’s Note: Anabel and David Dwyer sent this in honor of Jackie’s life, and it was included as an insert in the memorial bulletin on Saturday, August 13th.

So many years of faithful, courageous, kind, steadfast and joyful work to rid ourselves of hideous, grotesque nuclear weapons. Can we now take up your skillful lead to stop this idiocy?

Who can together affect the urgency for nuclear disarmament that we failed to pull off to save your exemplary life? Continue reading

Sister Jacqueline Hudson, OP

Jackie Hudson will always be remembered for willingly going wherever her conscience led her – even if it meant going to prison. She was a tireless advocate for change, change that would lead to a just and peaceful world. Continue reading

Jackie Hudson, Order of Preachers, Presente!

Some thoughts about Jackie, By Susan Crane, Dublin Federal Correctional Institution, August 10, 2011

Peter starts to walk on the water, and the strong wind frightens him, and he begins to sink.

The winds of violence, the winds of discouragement, of indifference and contempt for human life are all around us. It’s hard to even breath sometimes, much less keep on walking on unchartered waters.

But Jackie kept on walking, and encouraged us to walk with her. Her strong determined, clear, steadfast voice in the face of the winds of violence kept fear away. A voice of humor, a voice of disarmament, of getting on with things and not getting stuck in the details or confusion, not giving in to the temptation of inaction. Continue reading

Jackie Hudson Memorial Service and Festival of Hope

Jackie died one week ago this morning at 7:47 AM. Many of us have used
this time to contemplate this wonderful woman and the many lives she
touched. Her thoughts and ways remain easily assessable to us for she
was both active and vocal about her desire for peace in our world.
Google her name and the World Wide Web will bring Jackie’s image and
wise words back to us. Continue reading

Jackie Hudson at 2005 Lake Forest Park Chautaqua


This is a wonderful video of Jackie Hudson speaking at Lake Forest Park Chautaqua in June 2005.  She covered an incredible amount of territory and gave us much to think about.  There is something important in every one of these 42 minutes!



Jackie Hudson, June 2005 at Lake Forest Park from toddboyle on Vimeo.

Jackie Hudson: A Peacemaking Road Well Walked

(A reflection from Joe Power-Drutis)

There is no easy way of announcing such news. At 7:37 this morning our
sister and friend let go of a life of grace and beauty and peace
making that has been a guiding light for so many of us. To the end
that light shone ever so brightly. Continue reading

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