Rise Up: Challenge Nuclear Madness


I have the honor and occasional pleasure of exchanging emails with a couple of uppity nuns from Minnesota who happen to think we need to abolish nuclear weapons and that it is high time that people everywhere rise up and make it happen.  They even wrote a letter to the editor, recently published in the LeSueur News Herald, that states the case quite eloquently (I think).  In fact, it got me thinking that one really good place to start is for all of us to write letters to the editors of our local newspapers (and do it NOW!).

Read this letter, then get out your pen and paper (if you even have such archaic things) or your laptop and get writing.  The pen is mightier than the bomb (or something like that).

If you do write a letter, let me know.  Send me a copy at subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com.




Rise Up: Challenge Nuclear Madness – August 3, 2011

Letter to Editor – Sisters Kay O’Neil – Michelle Meyers, LeSueur, MN

Sixty years after the US dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9) and thousands of people were killed, we join with those who call for eliminating nuclear weapons. Our sister friends challenge us by their prayerful presence for peace. Sister Anastasia is a Japanese sister whose people were killed 60 years ago and today others live with the terror of Fukushima power plant. Three other sister friends, Mary Dennis, Ardeth, and Carol are in prison for protesting nuclear weapons at Oak Ridge, Tennessee last summer. (www.orepa.org)  We just heard sister Jackie died this morning, having given much of her life to nuclear disarmament and was released from prison to have health care (www.gzcenter.org) What little we can do with our prayers and actions for Jesus who says “Peace be with you!”

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the Vatican’s representative to the United Nations, this week called for the phasing out of all nuclear weapons from the world. He stated: “Viewed from a legal, political, security, and most of all moral perspective, there is no justification today for the continued maintenance of nuclear weapons.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, said: “It is deeply troubling that the US has allocated $185 billion to augment its nuclear stockpile over the next decade, on top of the ordinary annual nuclear weapons budget of more than $50 billion. Just as unsettling is the Pentagon’s push for the development of nuclear-armed drones-H-bombs deliverable by remote control. Every dollar invested in nuclear arsenal is a diversion of resources from its schools, hospitals, and other social services and a theft from the millions around the globe who go hungry or are denied access to basic medicines…In time every government will come to accept the basic inhumanity of threatening to obliterate entire cities with nuclear
weapons… Such a world is possible only if people everywhere rise up and challenge nuclear madness.”  (www.paxchristiusa.org)

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  1. Archbishop Chullikat’s remarks were under-reported – no surprise – or the U.N.s estimate of how many billion live in terrible poverty. The tragedy is that such things need not be so – the refusal of most of the people I interact with on a daily basis to acknowledge the “collateral damage” of military “interventions” – it baffles me, or angers me

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