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Most Recent News Articles

Jesuit anti-nuclear activist back in jail for probation violation, By Julie Gunter, National Catholic Reporter, May 22, 2013

A Malicius Nun? , By Helen Young, The Huffinton Post, 5/31/2012

Convictions of Protesting Priests, Nun, Grandmothers Upheld Wall Street Journal Law Blog, 4/13/2012

Meet the Bangor 5, By Helen Young, The Huffinton Post, 3/15/2012

83-year-old priest ends 15 day fast, by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, 1/30/2012

Activist priest, ailing in detention, ends hunger strike after 2 weeks, By Christine Clarridge, The Seattle Times, 1/28/2012

Angels We Have Heard On High: Activist Priest, 83, In Solitary Confinement, by Abbey Zimet. in Common Dreams, 1/27/2012

Fr. Bix Bichsel in the hole at SeaTac Federal Prison, fasting and praying, in The Nuclear Resister, 1/23/2012

83-Year-Old Activist Priest Held in Solitary Confinement in Federal Prison, by Jean Casella and James Ridgeway, in Solitary Watch, 1/23/2012  [also posted at Citizens for Prison Reform on 1/24/2012]

Activists express concern for imprisoned priest, by Joshua J. McElwee, in the National Catholic Reporter Online, 1/22/2012

Keeping Faith With Peace: On the anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Jesuit Priest Bill Bichsel talks about why he went to prison for a future without nuclear weapons, by Valerie Schloredt, YES Magazine, 8/5/2011

Y-12 Resistance (Sentencings)

Bonnie Urfer given the max, By Ralph Hutchison, in Catholic Worker News, 9/14/2011

 Anti-Nuclear Activist, Bonnie Urfer, Fights Crime in Sentencing Statement, By John LaForge, in, 9/14/2011

Y-12 protest willful, priest says: nun testifies that she ‘felt called’  to take stand at Y-12, by Matt Lakin, Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/11/2011

Priest recommits self to justice… then sent to prison, by Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News Sentinel, 9/13,2011

Priest sentenced to 3 months for Y-12 protest, Associated Press, 9/13/2011

Prison and Beyond

Environmentalist Sentenced to Two Years in Jail; Thousands of Political Arrests Since Obama Inauguration, News release from the Institute for Public Accuracy, 7/27/2011

At least 1,400 arrests for antiwar dissent, but who’s counting? Not the press,  by John Hanrahan in the Nieman Watchdog, 7/22/2011

Voices from Solitary: On Solitary Confinement and Finding Humanity, Susan Crane’s May reflection published in Solitary Watch, 6/28/2011

Fr. Bill Bichsel’s ordeal: Cruel and inhuman punishment, by John Dear, SJ in his column On the Road to Peace, in the National Catholic Reporter Online, 6/1/2011

Bare Bones Biology 055 – Susan Crane, KEOS radio 89.1, Bryan, Texas; Transcript at, 5/15/2011

Like namesake, Tacoma’s Irma Gary House stays the course: Irma Gary persisted. Kathleen Merryman, The News Tribune, 4/27/2011


Sharing peace, being the light of Jesus, in The Peace Pulpit, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton refers to Disarm Now Plowshares in his weekly homily, 4/7/2011

Blood and Hammers: Elderly Anti-Nuclear Activists Sentenced to Jail, Kristen Tobey, Religion Dispatches, 4/6/2011

Anti-Nuke Weapons Nun, Priests, Grandmas Sentenced to Prison, Alex Newman, The New American, 3/31/2011

Peace Activists get jail time for Navy base breach, Laura Myer, Reuters, 3/29/2011

Bangor protestors off to prison, The News Tribune, 3/29/2011

Two elderly priests and a nun jailed for breaking into navy base in protest over nuclear weapons, Daily Mail (UK), 3/29/2011

Activists sent to prison for Washington state weapons depot protest, U.S. Catholic magazine/Catholic News Service, 3/29/2011

Plowshare activists given 15 month prison terms, National Catholic Reporter, 3/29/2011

Nuclear Front Lines: Grandparents Head to Jail Protecting Us From Radioactive Fallout,, 3/29/2011

Christian peace campaigners  jailed for protest, Independent Catholic News, 3/29/2011

Disarm Now Plowshares receive sentencing, Bryan Farrell, Waging Nonviolence, 3/29/2011

Prison for Peacemakers in Tacoma, Washington: Two Grandmothers, Two Priests and a Nun Go onto a Nuclear Base, Bill Quigley, Common Dreams, 3/28/2011 (also Huffington Post)

5 Wash. peace demonstrators sentenced to prison, Associated Press, 3/28/2011

Nuclear Activists Receive Prison Sentence, Cheers, Prayers,, 3/28/2011

Sentences for Bangor protesters range from 2 to 15 months in prison, The News Tribune, 3/28/2011

Five sentenced to prison for Bangor submarine protests, Seattle Times, 3/28/2011

Peace demonstrators sent to prison for breaking into sub base, KOMO News, 3/28/2011

Anti-war activists sentenced in Bangor break-in, Alex Silverman, KIRO Radio, 3/28/2011

‘Bangor 5’ protestors get prison time for trespassing, property destruction, Kitsap Sun, 3/28/2011

Bangor Sentencing Photo Gallery, Kitsap Sun, 3/28/2011


Public can help get just sentences for Bangor naval base peace activists David Rupel, The Olympian

Support Disarm Now Plowshares for their Sentencing Washington State Action Network, March

Disarmnow’s Sentencing This Month March 21, Salem News, online

St. Leo Church Events of the Week leading up to Sentencing

Post Trial

Nuke-protesting priest will not repent, interview with Bix Bichsel by KIRO Radio’s Linda Thomas, at, March 15, 2011

Who is the Government Jailing? * Environmentalists * Whistleblowers * Peace Activists, Featuring Fr. Bill Bichsel, at the Institute for Public Accuracy, March 8, 2011

Civil Disobedience: Personal Values Over Personal Freedom, interview with Susan Crane by Barry Vogel of Radio Curious, 1/29/11
Listen here:

Deep Activism, by Carole Brodsky, The Ukiah Daily Journal, 2/12/11

Bangor protestors face prison with no regrets, King 5 TV story, 1/15/11

The ‘what’ makes no sense without the ‘why’, by Stephen Kent, Catholic News Service, 12/28/10 in The Monitor

Intimidation doesn’t bring peace – it only brings fear, Bill Bichsel’s response to the Dec 15 News Tribune editorial, published Dec 19, 2010 in The News Tribune

Who’s guarding the nukes at Kitsap-Bangor,  Editorial in The News Tribune, Dec 15, 2010

Disarm Now Activists Demonstrate What It Means to “Pay the Price” for Peace, Anna Brown, Waging Nonviolence, Dec. 15, 2010 (also published in Common Dreams on Dec 16)

Senate Debates New START Treaty by Paul Deaton Blog for Iowans Dec 15, 2010

Plowshares five found guilty: Activists, including an 83-year-old nun and an 81-year-old Jesuit, now face up to ten years in prison Paul Schrag, Dec 15, Tacoma Weekly Volcano


Guilty of Trying to Uphold International Law — Rick Wayman in Waging Peace Today, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 12/13/10

Anti-nuclear weapon protesters convicted in Tacoma — Manuel Valdes, The Associated Press, 12/13/10

Activists guilty of breaking into Kitsap base — Adam Ashton and Adam Lynn, photo by Dean Koepfler, The News Tribune, 12/13/10

Jury Finds Protestors Who Cut Through Bangor Fences Guilty — Maks Goldenshteyn, Kitsap Sun, 12/13/10

Five convicted of conspiracy, trespass, and destruction of government property — The United States Attorney’s Office, Western District of Washington Press room, 12/13/10

Anti-War Group Convicted of Breaking Into Kitsap-Bangor Navy Base, Hanging Anti-Nuke Banner — Curtis Cartier, Seattle Weekly, 12/13/10

Nuclear weapons are unsafe and must be abolished — Michael Honey and Patti Krueger, The News Tribune, 12/12/10

Jury for Tacoma Trident Peace Activists Still Out — Bill Quigley, The Huffington Post, 12/10/10; Common Dreams 12/11/10

Phil Berrigan’s Advent Vision — John Dear, National Catholic Reporter, 12/8/10

Trial Begins Tuesday for Five Charged With Bangor Break-In — Ed Friedrich, Kitsap Sun, 12/7/10

Trial beginning for 5 Bangor anti-nuke protesters — Associated Press, republished in Wall Street Journal, 12/7/10

Trial in Tacoma for five accused of crimes at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor — Steve Maynard, The News Tribune, 12/7/10

Priests face 10 years in jail after anti-nuclear protest — Staff writers, Ekklesia, 12/7/10

Elderly activists on trial in Tacoma — Chelsea Tsuchida, The Puget Sound Trail, 12/3/10


Disarm Now Plowshares Face Next Phase of Their Witness — Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action Newsletter, October 2010, Vol. 15, Issue 4

Baltimore peace activist faces prison for demonstration — George P. Matysek Jr., The Catholic Review, 12/1/10

Enemies of the State — Paul Schrag, Weekly Volcano, 11/19/10

Tacoma priest performs exorcism of nuke base – Patti Imani, Works in Progress, 11/01/10


Five plead not guilty to charges from anti-nuclear weapons protest The Georgia Bulletin, newspaper of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Baltimorean among five pleading not guilty to charges from anti-nuclear weapons protest By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service

Bangor Base: Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons Tons of Humus

Bangor Protesters’ Arraignment Bumped to Oct. 8 Kitsap Sun


Two priests, nun among five indicted for role in anti-nuclear protest US Catholic

5 anti-war protesters indicted in Bangor Naval Base incident Mike Carter at the Seattle Times

Aging Plowshares Anti-Nuke Activists Face Years in Prison Take Part: Inspiration to Action


Protester talks about Bangor nuke base break-in
Seattle Times, January 13, 2010.  Mark Ranher (including satirical conversation on the politics of nuclear protest)

Interview with Susan Crane and Lynne Greenwald — Mind Over Matters, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, 11/15/2009

Bangor Protestors Could Face Stiffer Charges — Kitsap Sun, Ed Friedrich,  1/5/2010

Protestors to Face Judge — Bremerton Patriot, Andy Jones, 12/31/09

Protestors to Face Judge — Central Kitsap Reporter, Andy Jones, 1/2/2010

Don’t Give anti-nuke Protesters What They Want — Central Kitsap Reporter 12/31/09

Former Ukiah Teacher and Four Others Enter Nuclear Weapons Stronghold in Washington State — Ukiah Daily Journal, Chet Collins

Disarm Now Plowshares — John Dear SJ, National Catholic Reporter,  11/24/09

Five Breach Security at US Naval Base-Jonah House

Disarm Now Plowshares: Bake Sales for Bombs? Leonard Eiger

Five arrested at Bangor after Plowshares Anti-Nuclear Action -Pierce County Peace News

Disarm Now Plowshares Arrested at First Strike Trident Nuclear Sub Base Indymedia, Ireland

Five Arrested for Breaking into Bangor Kitsap Sun article with live interview of Plowshares

Five Senior Citizens Make Statement at Bangor – The Bremerton Patriot

2 Responses

  1. Steve Leeper’s interview would be a great resource and inspiration, as was his journey from japan just to be present at this momentous trial. Is it possible to post a link to read a transcript or to hear the interview as recorded? Perhaps I have missed it if it was sent in this posting?

  2. This list is evidence there is a trend toward nuclear weapons abolition. The trend is blowing in the wind of climate change awareness. It connects to actions regarding nuclear power plant controls. Cumulating electronic and print media, letters and phone calls to media outlets, move some of this change.

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