Jackie Hudson: Faith, Hope and Clarity

Dear Friends,

Yesterday back in Grand Rapids, Michigan Jackie Hudson’s dear Dominican sisters came together to celebrate a Mass of Resurrection at Dominican Chapel/Marywood.  The Grand Rapids  Press ran an obituary on Jackie mentioning one of her writings several years ago in a Dominican Sisters publication.  Jackie was reflecting “on her peace and justice activites” regarding that age old question: “Will my efforts bring about change in my lifetime.”

“Hard to tell; the important thing is that all of us remain faithful.”

Indeed, it is hard to tell.  Yet one of the keys, as Jackie so often reminded us and does so even now, is remaining faithful if we are to stay the course and do the hard work in such difficult struggles as the one to abolish nuclear weapons.

Thank you Jackie for your faith, your hope, and your clarity of vision that always kept you centered and a beacon to us all.

Click here to read the obituary in the Grand Rapids Press.



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