If we don’t end nuclear weapons, they will end us

Editor’s Note: This is an editorial published in the National Catholic Reporter Online, July 20, 2011.

“Viewed from a legal, political, security and most of all — moral — perspective, there is no justification today for the continued maintenance of nuclear weapons.”

With these words while speaking in Kansas City, Mo., on July 1, Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations, reaffirmed Catholic teaching on nuclear weapons and deterrence — teachings seemingly not widely known among Catholics and totally rejected by the nuclear-armed nations, including our own government. Continue reading

Sister Mary Dennis’ Letter from Prison

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Sr. Mary Dennis’ (aka: Elizabeth Ann Lentsch) is one of the Y-12 prisoners of conscience currently held in the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia.  To write a letter to any of these prisoners, CLICK HERE.


July 8, 2011

Dear Peacemaking Friends,

With all the prayers and positive energy coming to me from so many directions, I feel I’m doing very well here at the Ocilla jail.

This letter is being written to LaQuita with what the commissary calls a “ballpoint pen”. It is the skinny little filler for a pen so it is difficult to hold and write. It costs 60 cents. In the “real world” at the Dollar General store you can get 10 Bic pens for $1.00. LaQuita and Carol receives my letter and put it on the computer and email it out. I’m so grateful for their gift of time and energy to keep me connected. Continue reading

Jackie Hudson is making progress!!!


Our dear Sr. Jackie Hudson has been in the Intensive Care Unit and on a ventilator for a few days. Good news today – she was taken off the ventilator this morning and is breathing on her own with just supplemental oxygen.

She is not out of the woods yet. As Sue Ablao said, “She has a long way to go.” Continue reading

(A little bit) More on Jackie


Jackie remains in the hospital in the intensive care unit, and I understand that she is doing a little better than when she was admitted.  I still don’t have anything more specific to share; Sue Ablao will do so when they know more.

For now you can send your good wishes and prayers to Jackie care of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, 16159 Clear Creek Road NW, Poulsbo, WA  98370.  Sue will be picking up mail at GZ and will bring cards and letters to the hospital.

In Patience and Peace,


Jackie Hudson Update


Just like many of you, I have been anxiously waiting for some word of Jackie Hudson’s condition.  This evening Mary Gleysteen of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action visited Jackie and Sue Ablao at the hospital.  Sue is staying in the room with Jackie, and Sue’s sister is also there.

Sue asked Mary to let everyone know “that Jackie is not doing well,” to thank everyone for the outpouring of concern and prayers, and that she will provide a more detailed update when she is able.

Time for Patience and Prayers.




Editor’s Note: Please continue to hold Jackie Hudson in your thoughts and prayers as we await word of how she is doing since being admitted to the hospital this past weekend.

Thanks to Karen Havnaer for this reflection on Bix’s, and his trusty sidekick and chauffeur Joe’s, return to Tacoma.

Word went out that Bix and Joe’s estimated time of arrival was Sunday, July 10,  4 p.m. so around 3:45 we began gathering behind Jean’s House of Prayer – Peter and Jim on drums.  Sunday was a sweet afternoon, just enough thin, white clouds in the sky to keep us cool but not so many as to keep the sun from Bix’s back yard.  Last month, students from St. Ignatius in San Francisco – they visit us every year – fixed up the grounds with help from the usual suspects – Catholic Workers, of course, and our friends, the  Dominicans, like Srs.  Peg and Mary Pat. Continue reading

Jackie is in the Hospital Again


This morning Jackie Hudson is in the hospital again.  I do not yet have anything specific to share, although I know that these days since her release from prison have been difficult, and her recovery slow.  It has been a struggle for her, recovering from her prison ordeal.

I can not begin to understand what it was like to be alone in a small room, alone, laying on a gurney, day after day, wondering if she would die alone in that terrible place (Irwin County Detention Center).  At least now she is surrounding by compassionate, caring people who are doing their best for her. Continue reading

Y-12 Sentencing Dates


Details, details, details…  First you get convicted; that’s a sure thing when there is absolutely no way to argue any sort of reasonable defense (you know – threat or use of nuclear weapons is illegal, etc, etc…….).  Then you cool your heels (always wanted to use that phrase) while you await the inevitable sentencing.  Sooner or later (usually later; the slow wheels of injustice) they finish those lengthy pre-sentencing reports that provide the judge with (in many cases) a litany of bad deeds (if you consider resisting something that is immoral and illegal a “bad deed”), and a clerk records sentencing dates. Continue reading

Jackie Hudson in Good Company


Many of you have been concerned about Jackie Hudson since learning of the seriousness of her medical condition that resulted from the neglect of the prison staff at the Irwin County Detention Center, a private prison in Ocilla, Georgia.  Fortunately, the worst is over since Jackie was first transported to Knoxville, taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center and eventually travelled back to the Seattle area to recuperate.

Su, Jackie, Oratai and Anne at an undisclosed location

Jackie’s recovery has been slow, but she now has her local physicians looking after her, her own familiar surroundings, and friends to watch over her.  We are fortunate to have a photo to share.  Blake Kremer took this photo a few days ago.  It is so good to see her in familiar company once again.



Bix Lives! No Nukes!


This chalk sketch of our beloved Bix was found today in Tacoma.  Thanks to Cathy Chick for sharing it.  And thanks to the artist, whoever you are out there.




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