Jackie is in the Hospital Again


This morning Jackie Hudson is in the hospital again.  I do not yet have anything specific to share, although I know that these days since her release from prison have been difficult, and her recovery slow.  It has been a struggle for her, recovering from her prison ordeal.

I can not begin to understand what it was like to be alone in a small room, alone, laying on a gurney, day after day, wondering if she would die alone in that terrible place (Irwin County Detention Center).  At least now she is surrounding by compassionate, caring people who are doing their best for her.

I will let you know more as I am informed.  For now, please keep Jackie in your thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Bix and Joe are supposed to roll in to Tacoma sometime today.  I can only imagine the strength (both spiritual and physical) Bix has gathered on his journey since leaving Knoxville.

And so, we hold sorrow and joy in our hearts simultaneously for our friends, Jackie and Bix.

Someone very dear to me once wrote that “It isn’t an easy road to walk as a prophet.  You will be rejected and scorned, but never forget that your compass is never wrong, nor will will you travel alone.”

Neither of these two prophets of nonviolence, peace and justice ever travel alone.  Jackie and Bix are always surrounded by a community of faith, love and perserverance.

Overflowing blessings.



3 Responses

  1. I’ve been following Jackie’s ordeal through your blog. She is in my prayers, as are all of you who are sacrificing so much in the name of peace.

  2. I will be dedicating my work and my prayers all through this week to Jackie. I am sure she knows that she does not travel alone. Blessings on all of you.

    Leonard, thank you for keeping everyone informed.


  3. Know of my/our prayers for Jackie’s tenuous health concerns. Blessings to her and all who surround her at this time. Peace, Kathleen Desautels, SP and all at 8th Day Center for Justice

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