Light in the Darkness

Greetings Friends,

Our dear Disarm Now Plowshares people continue to do the various works to which they are moved. Lynne continues her work at Irma Gary House at the Tacoma Catholic Worker. Bix stirs the pot from his operations base at Jean’s House of Prayer just across the alley from Irma Gary. This coming weekend he will hold a shared Easter Eucharist at one of the Bangor Trident submarine base’s gates. Steve is a tough one to nail down; he moves as the Spirit moves him, and it moves him far and wide. There was a recent Stevo sighting at Jean’s House. Susan continues her work at the Redwood City Catholic Worker.

Speaking of Susan, she recently developed a website for the RC Catholic Worker. Today I came across a beautiful story (in the April 2014 Redwood City Catholic Worker Newsletter) written by Larry Purcell about someone who found light in the darkness when she came to the RC Catholic Worker for help. Click here to read the story and check out their website.

food distribution at RC Catholic Worker

food distribution at RC Catholic Worker

The Disarm Now Plowshares was a deep, spirit-led, courageous action that is now a piece of history, and a very important piece of history it is!  Bix, Lynne, Steve and Susan continue to be bright beacons as they do God’s work in the world. Their individual and collective works bring light to a world desperately in need of it.

And of course, we remember that great beacon Anne Montgomery.

May each of us light our candles from theirs and continue to spread light throughout the world.

In Peace,


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