Vigil at naval base gate

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Update (April 16, 2013):  Steve Kelly was arrested by Santa Clara Police in front of the Lockheed Martin missile plant during the recent Good Friday vigil there. He was held on a Federal warrant related to the Disarm Now Plowshares action. He was transferred by federal marshals on April 16th to the Alameda County Jail in Oakland (aka the Glenn Dyer Detention Center), and is awaiting the next step. It could be the SeaTac Federal Detention Center.


Bix received a sentence of 3 months in prison, 6 months electronic home monitoring and one year supervised release for the Disarm Now Plowshares action. He was released on June 24th after serving the 3 months.  Bix was sentenced to another 3 months for his participation in the Y-12 resistance action.  He began his prison time on November 10th, and left SeaTac Federal Detention Center on January 10 for a transition house in Tacoma where he was to serve the remainder of his sentence.  Less than a day later the US Marshalls came and took him back to SeaTac.  Bix chose not to comply with BOP after that and served the remaining 30 days in solitary confinement.  He engaged in two separate liquids-only fasts – one in solidarity with others in nuclear abolition and against the general treatment of prisoners, and the other in solidarity with Leonard Peltier – totalling 19 days.  He emerged from prison on February 9th in excellent condition physically, mentally AND spiritually.  Here is Bix’s address: 

William J. Bichsel, S.J
Tacoma Catholic Worker
1417 South G Street
Tacoma WA 98405-4437

Lynne, Steve, Anne and Susan are also members of the November 2, 2009 Disarm Now Plowshares Action of November 2, 2009 – On March 28, 2011 all 5 received a fine exceeding $ 5,000 and:

Lynne Greenwald received a sentence of 6 months in prison, one year of supervised release and 60 hours of community service. Lynne’s release date is September 26, 2011.  After being allowed to leave SeaTac (based on good behavior) on September 12th to spend the last two weeks living at Irma Gary House and reporting in, Lynne was arrested for an alleged probation violation.  She served the last two weeks at SeaTac, was released on September 26th, and has been living and working at Irma Gary House since then.  Her address is:

Lynne Greenwald
Tacoma Catholic Worker
1417 South G Street
Tacoma WA 98405-4437

Fr. Steve Kelly walked out of SeaTac Federal Detention Center on June 21, 2012, after spending 15 months in prison.  Steve’s sentence specified 1 year supervised release.  As a result of his noncooperation with the terms of his release, Steve was held on a Federal warrant after his arrest at the Good Friday (2013) vigil at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California.  Judge Benjamin Settle gave Steve 60 days for violating the terms of his supervised release (of course, there is no such thing as supervised release for Steve) and with time served he was in prison for just a few days and was released from SeaTac on May 24th.  Steve, being the Wandering Jesuit, is tough to locate, although we hope to have a mailing address for him shortly.

Sr. Anne Montgomery received a sentence of 2 months in prison, 4 months electronic home monitoring and 1 year of supervised release. Anne was released at the end of May 2011.  Our Dear Friend has joined the communion of the saints.  Sr. Anne Montgomery – Presente!

Susan Crane walked out of the Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin, California on October 19th, 2012 after serving a two month sentence for noncooperation with the terms of her supervised release (following her initial prison time for Disarm Now Plowshares).  Her mailing address is:

Redwood City Catholic Worker
545 Cassia Street
Redwood City, CA 94063

or by email at

We are also sharing the names and mailing address for the Y-12 Resisters who went into jail on May 11, 2011.  Click here for the regularly updated list.

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  1. Is the court case open to the public on Monday? I am so sorry this is happening to you.

  2. thank you for God’s work

  3. […] Steve doesn’t back down (imagine that). Mailing addresses are still kept up to date at the Disarm Now Plowshares Contact page. Sr. Jackie Hudson continues to receive good (and compassionate) medical care in the […]

  4. Bless you for being our voices against the devil’s advocate.

  5. Being shrill indictors for non-existent war crimes will not win you friends or advance your cause except among those who hate the United States.

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