Susan is OUT!!!

Dear Friends,

Earlier today Susan Crane walked out of the Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin with essentially the clothes on her back and the one thing she took in – her Bible.  Before leaving, she received many smiles, hugs and goodbyes from many of the other women with whom she has shared the past nearly 13 months.  Susan said that it is good to be on the outside, although the joy of getting out is tempered by the sorrow of leaving friends who remain on the inside.

There will be opportunities to welcome Susan.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, check the “Events” page of this blog for a gathering tomorrow in Berkeley.  We’ll keep you posted here.

You can write to Susan care of the Tacoma Catholic Worker, where she will be arriving on April 30th.

Tacoma Catholic Worker
1417 South G Street
Tacoma WA 98405-4437



Disarm Now Plowshares loses appeal (government loses moral values)

Hot off the presses from Courthouse News Service is news of today’s appelate court ruling on the Disarm Now Plowshares appeal of their conviction for the 2009 Plowshares action at the Bangor Trident submarine base. As usual, U.S. “law” (protecting government property) trumps the Hague Convention, Nuremberg Principles, the laws of war, every precept of international humanitarian law and pretty much every treaty to which the U.S. is a party. Why??? Because we say so!!!  Continue reading

Easter Greetings from Susan Crane

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your prayers, letters, books and encouragement. Your support means so much to me. And thanks for your work that brings us all closer to the Beloved Community.

I was walking back to the housing unit from dinner the other day, talking to a friend. She was reflecting on how contagious yawns are. Yes, I said, and violence is just as contagious as yawns! Here, in prison, it’s a matter of honor and respect; if someone hits you, you hit them back. And in our national dealings, the same is true. The exchange of violence is expected, accepted, and considered virtuous and reasonable. At least I can introduce the idea that there are people who think there are better solutions to problems than the use of violence and revenge. Continue reading

Easter: Time to end our allegiance to empire

It is Easter, that time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ that follows his death by crucifixion.  On Maundy (Holy) Thursday I attended a Living Last Supper, a dramatic portrayal of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.

In that portrayal all of the 12 disciples speak, one by one, expressing their innermost thoughts in brief, poignant monologues.  Each disciple expresses his astonishment at Jesus’ assertion that one of them will betray Him that fateful night.  As each one finishes his monologue he asks, “Is it I, Is it I?” Continue reading

Bix reflects on his time in solitary


I recently spent a wonderful day talking with Father (Bix) Bichsel about a variety of things including next steps for the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, strategies for challenging the government’s plans for a new generation of ballistic missile submarines, and how to energize young people to get involved in the movement to abolish nuclear weapons.

Toward the end of our time together Bix allowed me to set up a video camera and ask him a few questions.  Here is what Bix had to say about his return to prison in January 2012; his time in solitary confinement, fasting, prayer, and the sense of freedom and gratitude for the gifts he recieved while in prison.



Palm Sunday Vigil at SeaTac

A small band of the faithful gathered on a cold, rainy Palm Sunday at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in Seattle, Washington.  It was fitting that this year’s Palm Sunday fell on April Fools Day.  On that day a little over two thousand years ago God’s Foolish One came riding into town on a donkey.  Although there were no donkeys present at SeaTac on Sunday, followers of the nonviolent way converged on SeaTac Federal Detention Center, where Steve Kelly, SJ continues to dwell in his “solitary” monastery – the Special Handling Unit (SHU). Continue reading

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