Wednesday in Tacoma: Taking a Stand (for Peace)

Here’s a scene we like to see (more of) – down the hill from the Tacoma Catholic Worker, activists participating in the weekly vigil for peace (every Wednesday),  from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Sponsored by People for Peace, Justice and Healing; you might find them at the corner of Pacific and 21st (this photo) or in Front of the Federal Courthouse building taking a stand for peace and justice.

The Wednesday regulars welcome you to join them.  Just bring your nonviolent spirit and message.  Check out their Website here.

The best we can do for the common good

I have been summoned to appear at the federal court in Tacoma, Washington on Monday, July 23 at 1:30. It is possible that Probation Officer will ask that my supervised release be revoked, and that I be sent back to prison. This is not a surprise. I have not cooperated with being on supervised release. Continue reading

Video of Bix receiving Greater Tacoma Peace Prize

Many thanks to Rodney Herold for this video of Fr. William “Bix” Bichsel on the evening he received the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize on June 2, 2012 at the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University.

Click here for the previous post with more details about Bix’s recognition.


~ Prison reflection from Steve Kelly, SJ*

 *(Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to The Nuclear Resister for publishing this reflection from Steve Kelly)

From issue #166 of the Nuclear Resister, Posted on June 13th

Unrecognized political prisoner:

A Year’s Reflection

Or as Steve Baggarly of the Norfolk Catholic Worker wrote in a letter from jail: “If the SHU fits…” 

Many folks, mostly activists, write to us with this first thought: “Oh, I could never do what you are doing”, meaning either months or maybe years of prison or time in the hole (segregated housing unit – SHU). In one way of course it could be true of the infirm or very inexperienced. It’s not necessarily true of the elders though. Continue reading

Steve’s Pending Release: Rendering nothing unto Caesar


In just a few days, sometime on June 21st, Steve kelly will – quite literally, for the first time in fifteen months – walk out of SeaTac Federal Detention Center into the light of day.  I visualize Steve closing his eyes and lifting his face toward Heaven and feeling the warmth of the Sun (should our Northwest weather oblige) on his skin.

Steve on the day of the Disarm Now Plowshares motions hearing, November 2010

This faithful servant of the nonviolent Jesus has done his time at Caesar’s decree.  That same decree continues to demand the proverbial pound of flesh, which Steve has steadfastly refused to give, and continues in faithful refusal.  Steve’s noncooperation with the edicts of the state while in SeaTac prison slowly but surely chipped away at the walls of the solitary cell (and the very system) in which he was held for so many months.

(this from Steve) Steve felt with care such as he received from you as individuals and groups that he could be sustainfully supported these 15 months.  His exit on Solstice/Summer is a singular, Discreet one.  He pleads to go incognito, not draw any attention or knowledge of his whereabouts.  He’s refusing, as Judge Settle was told, to comply with supervised release. 

Essentially, Steve wishes to walk out of SeaTac with no fanfare, and make his own way to where it is he wishes to go.

May we celebrate the spirit that moves people of such deep faith to follow the path of nonviolence with such unwavering devotion.  And may each of us find our path…

In Peace,


Bix receives Greater Tacoma Peace Prize


It gives me great pleasure to introduce you (I know; most of you already know Bix) to the 2012 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Laureate, Father William “Bix” Bichsel, S.J.  Last night, June 2nd, Bix received this award at the annual Spring banquet of the Scandinavian Cultural Center, PLU. Continue reading

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