Jackie Hudson: A Peacemaking Road Well Walked

(A reflection from Joe Power-Drutis)

There is no easy way of announcing such news. At 7:37 this morning our
sister and friend let go of a life of grace and beauty and peace
making that has been a guiding light for so many of us. To the end
that light shone ever so brightly.

A very recent diagnosis of multiple myeloma provided the reason why
Jackie experienced so many body stresses. The cancer known as myeloma
affects plasma cell formation originating in the bone marrow and
causes great disturbances to antibodies that support the immune

Although this disease process was probably present for some time I can
still remember clearly a day in late April when Jackie helped me
discern wither or not I should make plans to travel to Tennessee. At
that time she said she had never felt better and what’s more, she
looked it.

The myeloma was probably affecting her as she suffered for nearly 2
weeks at the Irwin County detention facility. In hindsight, the
pneumonia and kidney problems diagnosed at the University of Tennessee
Hospital were also likely precipitated by the disease.

However, when Jackie returned to her dearly loved home at Ground Zero
with Sue Ablao, she was still not aware of the cancer. Night and day
Sue cared for Jackie in the most steadfast and loving of ways. The
weeks to come would first offer hope and then present the final
challenge of myeloma when she was admitted to Harrison Hospital in

Jackie cherished every part of her life and the lives of those she
came in contact with.  To the very end, peacemaking was her road of
choice and she walked it well. To say she will be missed is an
understatement. Sister Jackie Hudson cannot be replaced; but, within
our loss perhaps we can continue to be inspired by her great heart and
strong commitment to peace.

2 Responses

  1. Though I did not know her, reading your blog has given me some insight into the many sacrifices Sister Jackie made on behalf of all humanity. I see her peace work as a personal gift to me and my family, and pray her life will continue to inspire others to fight for total nuclear disarmament.

  2. I believe that Jackie’s death is an important moment. Although I have made clear my views on the nature of the witness of the Disarm Now Plowshares I feel that Jackie’s death has created some kind of opening that I cannot explain but will be lived out in the future. Because she was tortured on account of the federal gulag she has as fully as anyone that I have known made her life one with the poor who routinely are treated like that. She has fully walked the way of Jesus before Pilate, in the garden and on the cross. Now that she is totally within the Realm of God I believe that her spirit will be even more powerful then it was in this life and she will be a blessing for many.

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