Jackie Hudson Memorial Service and Festival of Hope

Jackie died one week ago this morning at 7:47 AM. Many of us have used
this time to contemplate this wonderful woman and the many lives she
touched. Her thoughts and ways remain easily assessable to us for she
was both active and vocal about her desire for peace in our world.
Google her name and the World Wide Web will bring Jackie’s image and
wise words back to us.

I join the Ground Zero Community in putting out the word that on
Saturday, August 13th, at the Ground Zero Center, 16159 Clear Creek
Road, Poulsbo WA 98370, many of Jackie’s friends and family members
will gather to celebrate her life.

The memorial service will begin at 1:30 PM. We hope for a beautiful
day for this outside celebration, but are prepared for the usual. Bix
and Ann Hall will lead us in remembering our beloved Jackie, through
prayer, sharing, and tying cranes on the Bangor fence adjacent to the
Ground Zero property. We will then silently process to the main Bangor
Base for a short, prayerful vigil. Following the vigil, all are
invited to an Agape breaking of bread and sharing of the foods Jackie
loved most.  You are welcome to bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Jackie’s spirit remains strong and active among us. I look forward to
gathering together and walking the grounds she cherished so much. Feel
free to phone me at 253-779-8362 if you have any questions. We will
form a Tacoma car pool at Jeans House of Prayer – call if you are
interested in driving or riding together.

THEN — one good gathering deserves another: On Sunday the 14th at
6:30 at St Leo Church in Tacoma, Pax Christi will sponsor a Festival
of Hope.

This (nearly) monthly celebration is scheduled to continue until all
of our friends are released from prison. At this festival, Bix and I
will share our thoughts and listen to yours on the roads we’ve all
traveled regarding the prison system over these past months and will
give an update on Disarm Now Plowshares and Y-12 prisoners. We will
also take time to remember the gift that is Jackie Hudson’s life.

If you have a desert to share, bring it along; that would be nice.


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