Berkeley gathering to welcome Susan out of prison

The day after I was released from FCI Dublin, friends and peace activists had organized a gathering at the Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall. It was so wonderful to see friends and people who have all worked so hard in different areas for justice and social change..  It was wonderful to be with people who have hope that things can be better.  I was met with smiles, hugs, delicious and colorful food, and news of past and future actions for peace, for justice, for a nuclear free world.

Susan and Fr. Louis Vitale

Sr. Anne came with Fumi and Larry Purcell from the Redwood City Catholic Worker.  Mary Lou and Jim Haber came from the Nevada Desert Experience.  Kate Berrigan, and numerous people with peace in their hearts were there.  Bill Joyce from St. Joseph the Worker, Cynthia Johnson from the Berkeley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship welcomed us.  Margo Shafer, Eszter Freeman, Marti Mogensen, Leslee Coady and Arlene Magarian worked hard to organize the evening.

Click here to see more photos from the Berkeley welcome gathering.

Marti Mogensen brought up the idea that she wanted to be part of a group starting a support house for people visiting prisoners at Dublin, the FPC, the FCI and the men’s FDC. Mary Manning and others wanted to work with her on this much needed project.

Thanks to this community of peacemakers.

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