Tacoma Peace Community Honors Bruce Gagnon, Welcomes Susan Crane out of prison

At a gathering at Jean’s House of Prayer in Tacoma, the Tacoma Peace Community sends a message to Steve Kelly, SJ who is still in prison. The  community was gathered to have a dinner with  Bruce Gagnon,  and to welcome Susan Crane who is just out of prison. Bruce had just given a talk at the University of Washington in Tacoma about the disastrous effects of militarism and the need to transform the economy for a sustainable future. After the talk Bruce invited others to go to a protest at the Korean Embassy in Seattle, where some were able to speak with the Consul General and urge him and his nation to stop construction of the Naval base on Jeju Island. The people of South Korea have been resisting construction of the base.  There has been massive civil resistance, over 3000 Catholic Priests came to the island in support of the resistance.  It is only on Jeju Island, in South Korea, that the Catholic Church is making a spirited public stand against the arms race and the proliferation of weapons and the militarization of its nation.

At the same time, Susan Crane arrived from California where she had been held at FCI Dublin. She came to Tacoma to thank people for their encouragement and support during her time in prison. Further, she came in the hopes of talking to Judge Settle about the supervised release that the judge had imposed as part of her sentence.

Greeting Steve who is still in prison.

Gathering at Jean’s House of Prayer in Tacoma. Greeting Steve Kelly, SJ who is still in prison.

Click here to see the photos from the gathering at Jean’s House.

It was heartening to be together in this special place where mercy and justice are lived as a seamless garment, and people work together to heal a badly bruised world.

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