Joe P-D is on the ground in Ocilla

Saturday morning update: Joe P-D drove all the way from Knoxville to Ocilla.  After spending time there checking up on all the prisoners of conscience he drove back to Knoxville.  I received a phone message from him last night around (9:05 Pacific Time), which means it was midnight back there.  Joe was at a rest stop for a brief rest somewhere between Ocilla and Atlanta.  He should be back in Knoxville by now getting some needed (and well-deserved) rest before sending out another of his thorough updates.  Stay tuned.


Our roving person on the ground down South, Joe Power-Drutis, is in Ocilla, home of the now infamous Irwin County Detention Center and some of the Y-12 prisoners of conscience.  He visited with Steve Baggarly yesterday (had a good visit with Steve), and today is scheduled to see Ardeth, Carol, Jean and Jackie, if she is out of medical isolation.  Joe will send a report once he returns to Knoxville this evening. Stay tuned folks!




2 Responses

  1. It sounds like the good guys are doing good
    work, please keerp it up.
    You’re all in my prayers

  2. You’re in my prayers

    it sounds like the good guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work

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