Candle light vigil: Of monks and the world

Plowshares News   January 18, 2012 [from Joe Power-Drutis]

We  have no idea how Bix’s meeting with his captors went at 10:30 yesterday morning; however, an energized group from Seattle to Tacoma and beyond gathered outside the SeaTac Detention Center in support of Bix and Steve.

We were a bit of a motley group with close ties to our beloved felons. We came to stand in the cold morning air and blowing snow to send forth messages of love and care to these two men from their community that spans the nation. Our gathering gave us the opportunity to connect with new friends and strengthen and broaden that community of peace makers.

If Susan Crane is right, and she usually is, then we weren’t there very long before Bix and Steve knew of our presence and felt our care for them.

For decades, Steve and Bix have spoken out about the dangers we face in putting our faith and resources into nuclear weapons and bloated military budgets.  Their appeals to humanity and common sense have gone largely ignored by the media, elected officials, church leadership, and many others. I believe that these two leaders have chosen the only path left that makes sense to them. By risking arrest, they expect and accept the same fate as the poor and marginalized who are incarcerated in prisons and jails across the country.

I leave you with a note I received recently from Fr. John Fuchs, Jesuit Superior in Tacoma:

“Both Bix and Steve are true monks now. The word “monk,” as you know, is from the Greek word “monos,” which means alone or solitary. And St. Ignatius intended for Jesuits to be monks, not in a monastery but in the world. And so Steve and Bix are!”

John Fuchs, S.J. “Spiritual Warden.”

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