~ Prison reflection from Steve Kelly, SJ*

 *(Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to The Nuclear Resister for publishing this reflection from Steve Kelly)

From issue #166 of the Nuclear Resister, Posted on June 13th

Unrecognized political prisoner:

A Year’s Reflection

Or as Steve Baggarly of the Norfolk Catholic Worker wrote in a letter from jail: “If the SHU fits…” 

Many folks, mostly activists, write to us with this first thought: “Oh, I could never do what you are doing”, meaning either months or maybe years of prison or time in the hole (segregated housing unit – SHU). In one way of course it could be true of the infirm or very inexperienced. It’s not necessarily true of the elders though. Continue reading

Bix reflects on his time in solitary


I recently spent a wonderful day talking with Father (Bix) Bichsel about a variety of things including next steps for the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, strategies for challenging the government’s plans for a new generation of ballistic missile submarines, and how to energize young people to get involved in the movement to abolish nuclear weapons.

Toward the end of our time together Bix allowed me to set up a video camera and ask him a few questions.  Here is what Bix had to say about his return to prison in January 2012; his time in solitary confinement, fasting, prayer, and the sense of freedom and gratitude for the gifts he recieved while in prison.



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