Wednesday in Tacoma: Taking a Stand (for Peace)

Here’s a scene we like to see (more of) – down the hill from the Tacoma Catholic Worker, activists participating in the weekly vigil for peace (every Wednesday),  from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Sponsored by People for Peace, Justice and Healing; you might find them at the corner of Pacific and 21st (this photo) or in Front of the Federal Courthouse building taking a stand for peace and justice.

The Wednesday regulars welcome you to join them.  Just bring your nonviolent spirit and message.  Check out their Website here.

Disarm Now Activists Demonstrate What it Means to ‘Pay the Price’ for Peace

101230-plowsharesOn December 13, a Tacoma-based jury declared five Disarm Trident Now Plowshares activists “guilty” of trespass, felony damage to federal property, felony injury to property, and felony conspiracy to damage property. The charges against the Disarm Now Trident activists resulted from their November 2, 2009 Plowshares action at the Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base, which is located just outside of Bremerton, Washington. The activists, who will be sentenced on March 28, 2011, each face a potential prison sentence of 10 years. Continue reading

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