Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: Day One

The Peace Walkers are resting after a memorable first day Walking for Nuclear Disarmament. Here are two reflections. The first is by Fumiaki “Fumi” Tosu, whose father is a Hibakusha of Hiroshima. Second is a reflection on the day by Susan Crane. Continue reading

Susan’s July 23rd Hearing

Susan Crane was in U.S. District Court, Tacoma, Washington on July 23, 2012 where she was given 60 additional days of prison time for her noncooperation with the conditions of supervised release. Here are some photos from the day along with music (The Ballad of Disarm Now Plowshares) by James Morgan.  Judge Settle told Susan to report to prison when she is notified by the probation officer, which is likely to be some time in September.


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