Bix fasting for Leonard Peltier!!! What fast do we choose?

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? (Isaiah)

NEWS FLASH:  Bix is fasting yet again!!!  Does this guy ever sleep???  Well, actually NO (literally)!  Right after I sent out this morning’s email about the new Bix Action Figure I received an email from attorney Blake Kremer who got a letter from Bix.

Bix told Blake that he would be starting a new FAST today (February 1st) “in solidarity with a march and vigil on the 4th for Leonard Peltier and his release”.  Here’s what Blake told me:

I had gone to see him [Bix] on the 28th at the FDC and after waiting in the visitation room was told that he would not be brought out to me due to his non-compliance.  Bix wrote me later that same day and I received the letter yesterday.

Bix reports that he is “doing well.”  He is warm, but that he continues to get no sleep.  He also reports that he will begin another fast on February 1st, in solidarity with a march and vigil on the 4th for Leonard Peltier and his release.  He expects to end the fast on the 4th. 

Bix wrote that he is asking that a resolution be entered in the Tacoma City Council and Pierce County Council to support clemency for Peltier.

The upshot of all this:  Bix is calling on us to support Leonard Peltier!!!  February 4th is the INTERNATIONAL DAY IN SOLIDARITY WITH LEONARD PELTIER.  Click here to learn more and find many of the global actions happening that day to support Leonard.  You can also find more at Facebook.  Click here to learn about events in Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA on the 4th.

Leonard has suffered far too long as a result of a grievous injustice.  This must end, and the government will not respond without a huge groundswell of public pressure.  Spread the word.  Justice must be served!!!



Bix got blankets – his fast continues…

Dear Friends,

More than 40 people showed up yesterday.  The rain and wind were unable to dampen our spirit-filled spirits as we vigiled outside of the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in support of Bix, and of course all the prisoners incarcerated in all prisons.  We were simply reminding those in power of their moral and ethical responsibilities to their fellow human beings.  I hope that our collective Love, Compassion and Nonviolent spirit penetrated those thick, cold concrete walls and touched both prisoners and prison guards.  As Lynne Greenwald of Disarm Now Plowshares said,

It is important to note that while our circle of resisters have a wonderful network of supporters, we also remember all prisoners, everywhere, who daily suffer under this system of injustice. Most of the 700+ prisoners at SeaTac FDC are there for nonviolent crimes. Our friends in prison have witnessed cruel treatment under an inhumane structure. Jackie Hudson’s and Bix’s experiences remind us of how much work there is to do, to turn our lives around.

Vigiling outside SeaTac FDC on Sunday, January 22nd

Bix has received blankets, and both Joe and Blake will fill you in below.   Your collective good wishes, prayers and emails are a powerful force.  Thanks!!!  Rodney Herold videotaped yesterday’s vigil, and I expect to have that up here later today or tomorrow.  May the spirit of this community spread far and wide, and may everyone come to embrace its message of Mercy, Justice and Peace.



From Joe Power-Drutis

My apologies for not sending this report from Blake to you sooner; however, much was happening yesterday that prohibited me from jumping on this. Yesterday’s vigil at SeaTac was absolutely wonderful. We did sing Angels We Have Heard On High – twice; along with one of Bix’s favorites “This Little Light Of Mine”. Our line of well wishers stretched the front entrance of SeaTac Detention, as Senji and Gilberto led us for nearly an hour of meditation and drumming.

All of your efforts were well rewarded, as Bix has received extra blankets and he now reports he is much warmer. There remains a couple of other health related issues and we hope to resolve those soon through direct negotiation. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.

From:  Blake Kremer

I met with Bix yesterday, January 21st, and he asked me to pass along a message.

Bix is still in the SHU. Bix received a letter from Terry Morrison where he learned of the Tuesday vigil, and he is deeply appreciative of that.

Bix says that he has received extra blankets, and he is no longer cold.  He is able to stay warm enough in bed, and wears his blankets when he stands up to stay warm.  Bix says that he continues to not be able to sleep at all, but he no longer thinks that being cold is the cause of that. He thinks that it relates to “itchiness” that continues to trouble him.

Bix wants everyone to know that as he continues on his fast – yesterday was his eleventh day – that he feels stronger and more confirmed in his resolution.  Bix is appreciative of any who join him in his fast, the goal of which is to unite us as one and strengthen resolve against nuclear weapons.  Bix says that there are 10,000 issues that we can work on; this is one thing that we can all unite together on today. Bix says that Christians can unite in conscience where God speaks to all of us, to abolish nuclear weapons and to oppose those policies of the US that are without conscience. This was a point that Bix was reminded of when he was taken back to the BOP and told by his jailer that his re-arrest was a matter of policy, not of conscience.  Bix talked about how policy without conscience reminded him of the courage of the White Rose and their courage in protesting Nazi policies without conscience, even though they were beheaded for their resolve.

Bix talked about his re-arrest at the halfway house, and how just prior to that he was Gilberto and others drumming outside the house. Bix said that the monks looked like angels bringing songs of peace and joy to him. While Bix was re-arrested for this “unauthorized contact,” he continues to think of that and delights in the memory of what he considered wholly authorized contact. He blew kisses to them at the time, and continues to rejoice in the memory. Bix sings to himself in his solitary cell, and hopes that at the vigil today, those present will sing:  “angles we have heard on high.”

Bix is deeply appreciative of those who are thinking of him and sends his love.

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