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One of the greatest challenges we face in the movement to abolish the scourge of nuclear weapons is VISIBILITY.  Although you see the words nuclear and weapons combined in the news, it’s usually in the context of hand wringing over Iran or North Korea or other “rogue states” acquiring nuclear weapons. Continue reading

Meet the Bangor 5

The following article was written by Helen Young, Documentary filmmaker and Emmy award winning writer and producer.  It was originally published in the Huffington Post (  I know, I know; we all know them as Disarm Now Plowshares.  But dontcha think “Bangor 5” does have a catchy ring to it???  Helen is working hard to finish the documentary on Disarm Now Plowshares and get it distributed. Continue reading

A Journey of Repentance

by Joe Power-Drutis, June 3, 2011

A little more than two years ago, Bix began to talk about his dream of
going to Japan on the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He soon found out quite a few folks shared a common dream and before
long 17 others wanted to go with him. Fr. Louie Vitale, OFM, joined
the group on this historic occasion. Louie, just this past May 20th,
was released from Lompoc federal prison; he was sentenced to 6 months
for his witnessing at Ft. Bennings Georgia School of Assassins in
November 2010.

Fr. Bob Cushing, strongly encouraged Bix and the others to follow the
Spirit that was taking them to Japan. He himself was actually removed
from his ministry here in Georgia; by his superiors no less, after
they learned of his travels to Japan and for his apologizing to the
Japanese people for our atrocities committed upon them. Just amazing.

I believe the insights that Bix and the seventeen that traveled with
him is a story of Grace, and it is a story that needs to be told, over
and over.

Fortunately for us Ashley Michael Karitis was a member of that
delegation. Ashley’s role was to photograph and film the group and all
that went on for the near 2 weeks they were in Japan. In the end all
of that footage became known as the documentary “Free World”. For
months after the group returned, Ashley worked overtime putting
together this work of art.

In the last year she has presented this film in a number of film
festivals around the country and has received a lot of attention for
it. As it happens, the last film festival is to be next Monday, June 6
at 6.15pm at the JewelBox Theatre (Rendezvous Theatre) in Seattle.

FREE WORLD, film screening
Monday, June 6 at 6.15pm
Tickets $8 online, or $10 cash at the door
The JewelBox Theatre (Rendezvous Theatre)
2322 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

If you can, and are in the Northwest next week, I would encourage you
to see this last screening.

If there was any one piece of material that best describes why Bix and
so many people are willing to risk limb and liberty for the sake of
our world, Free World does it.

If you care to have your own personal DVD please call:

Demetra Schweiger @ 253-389-9145 or

Tom Karlin @ 253-732-7445

Editor’s Note: Here, also, is the Website for the film Free World:

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