2012: The Year of Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

Dear Friends, As we near the end of the old year and prepare to move into a new one we celebrate our good works while mourning our losses.  Through the struggles and sorrows we perservered, never wavering from our nonviolent task.  And, the lessons of the past year will carry us well into the new one.  Anabel Dwyer has written a poem – looking back and looking forward –  to carry us into the new year.  It’s title contains dear Jackie Hudson’s constant reminder that we can (and must) all take those steps (no matter how small) outside of our comfort zones.  May the New Year find each of us stepping a little further outside of our comfort zone as we continue the struggle for a Nuclear-Free World at Peace with Justice.  Peace, Leonard


2011 Solstice Lessons of the Year Past for
2012 “The Year of Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone”


OWSo 99% (plus 1%) Do Heed   ( With love, Anabel and David Dwyer 12/21/11)

Acute threat of people-planned elimination from nuclear weapons we do not need
Nor do we want chronic harms and dangers of human-produced radiation
Nor environmental degradation from common resources exploitation
Our basic rules of survival and principles of continuity for humanity are flouted
Gross criminality’s been outed and then still most oddly touted

As we’re Stepping Out to solve this mess entrenched by years of hubristic largess
Please note some past year’s observations at our behest

The Disarm Now Plowshares Five (DNP), so beautiful and couth
In a peaceful tack took a sign to the Strategic Weapons Facility of the Pacific, SWFPAC
Which said “Trident: Illegal and Immoral”, a straightforward truth
No lawyer or prosecutor (only just Mark Ratner of the Seattle Times) found
A problem of Marines torturing our DNP gems handcuffed and hooded face down
For four hours on cold damp ground
Was this just too metaphorical to expose
“the law” of violent enforcer of dead-ends as basically unsound?
At DNP’ trial (US v Montgomery, Bischel, Kelly, Crane and Greenwald) we could not gaze upon
Our Tridents’ annihilation preparation or even blame a violent God in adulation
Rather Judge Settle[d] the Trident as unfathomable, unthinkable classification
Formalized in “Knowing’s” negation

While DNP and Y12 13 used the courtroom as further demos of their kindness and caring
Inertia and negligence rages unsparing
Jackie Hudson died, cancers rampant, Bix ticks on, no thanks to BOP’s cruelties glaring
And Steve, Susan, Bonnie, Steve and Mike at prison walls still staring

Who or what wants this fool’s course?
Eureka! It’s B&W (Babcock & Wilcox LLC in myriad spinoffs), SAIC (Strategic Apps Int’l Corp), Strategic Systems Programs SSP, Wackenhut et al, perforce…
The US (DOE, NNSA, DOD, NRC, Navy, etc.) in false name of security
Protect us not just some certain weapons-corps peculiarly.
When Courts start recognizing the obvious absurdity and we focus with clarity
Such like Alliant Tech (DU) and Lockheed (in UK) pull disappearing activity to keep from losing their suicidal short-term surety.

So with song, dance and young band together now all realists, humanists, environmentalists, activists and unionists!
Step out with cures and antidotes. Bolster votes with systemic corrections beyond elections

We can can Keystone XL and can can UPF, EHW2 and new Trident, NTS, CMRR and KC Plant as well,
With Fukushima in sight the Mother Jones map of Nuke US Sites
None is shining light but dangerous blight that needs shutting down and putting aright

Perhaps at the Washington v. Hall and Rogers, et al trespass trial on the third of January
We can out the Trident’s and B&W, SAIC and SSP and spell out their necessary and systematic obituary
“From Tridents’ and all nuclear weapons’ grotesque violations
of the rules and principles of humanitarian law
No One nor Corps may Profit,” can quickly become an old saw
Please stick that in all our holiday craw
OWSo Tis the season for stepping out with facts and reason
Get with it! Working and workable “rule of law” is through nonviolent agreement
For, inter alia, complete nuclear disarmament

Summary of the Disarm Now Plowshares Trial. This can not be! Not now! Now What?

By Anabel Dwyer

Anabel Dwyer speaks to those gathered at the Disarm Now Plowshares trial events

Anabel Dwyer speaks about the Disarm Now Trial

Pray! Mourn! Organize!
This we still refuse to learn:
Our legal system “protects”
with useless fences
non-existent, classified “property”
belonging to US
“missioned” for genocide
from a Sister, two Fathers and
two Grandmas
who walk with and in love and beauty.

Disarm Now Plowshares and their banner “Trident: Illegal and Immoral” say it all. Stunning whistleblowers:  Sr. Anne Montgomery, 84;  Fr. William Bischel, 81;  Susan S. Crane, 65; Lynne Greenwald, 60 and Fr. Steven Kelly, 60, pointed out, with boundless kindly courage, the grotesque Trident plans and preparations for nuclear extermination that clearly violate peremptory rules and principles of humanitarian law, U.S war crimes (18 USC 2441) and Genocide (18 USC 1091) statutes and military law.

At trial, the Disarm Now Plowshares were not permitted to corroborate their legal and moral convictions and knowledge which formed the basis for their action.  Instead the court directed the jury to convict them for conspiracy, trespass, destruction and depredation of property knowing that this malicious and misplaced prosecution was fraudulently based on intentional misrepresentation of the purpose and function of the Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base. Continue reading

First day of trial encourages moral deliberation in Trident case

An impromptu video reflection on the trial by Anabel Dwyer, Esq., expert on international law.

December 7, 2010, Tacoma, Washington: Plowshares activists were in court for the first day of their trial for entering a U.S. Navy nuclear weapons storage depot.

The trial of the Disarm Now Plowshares five, who entered the U.S. Navy’s Strategic Weapons Facility (SWFPAC), Pacific on November 2, 2009 in a symbolic act intended to bring light to the immoral and illegal nuclear weapons stored and deployed from there, began in U.S. District Court today.

During the morning’s jury selection there was an animated discussion. The U.S. Attorney asked if considerations of the defendants health and age, or the fact that they might be priest or nuns would hamper their ability to render an impartial judgment.

Continue reading

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