Organizations in support

Pax Christi, Denver, CO
Jonah House, Baltimore, MD
Nevada Desert Experience, Nevada
Pax Christi, USA
California Province,  Jesuits,  Social Ministries
Cinema Verite International, India
Fig Tree Resistance Community, Gothenburg, Sweden
Peace Resource Center of San Diego, CA
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo, Washington
Los Alamos Study Group, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Trident Ploughshares, Faslane, Scotland
Catholic Peace Ministry, Des Moines, Iowa
Center for Encounters and Active Nonviolence, Austria
Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Pax Christi Australia
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Justice and Peace Centre, Australian Province
North Shore Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment
Witness for Peace
the Nuclear Resister
Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility, Larry Egbert, MD, MPH, Pres.
Kairos Chicago, Illinois
Pax Christi, UK
8th Day Center for Justice, Chicago, Illinois
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Mary the Apostle Catholic Worker, Erie, PA
Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker, NC
Omaha Catholic Worker, Omaha, Nebraska
Tacoma Catholic Worker, Tacoma, Washington
Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker, Duluth, MN
The Southern Life Community, a group of Catholic Workers in N.C., VA and TN
Viva House Catholic Worker, Baltimore MD
White Rose Catholic Worker, Chicago, Illinois
Norfolk Catholic Worker, Norfolk, Virginia


7 Responses

  1. The Southern Life Community, a group of Catholic Workers in North Carolina, Virgina and Tennessee support the Disarm Now Plowshares. Blessings and peace to you all!

    –beth, on behalf of the slc

  2. Kairos Chicago — a community of faith, resistance, and nonviolence…..and….White Rose Catholic Worker (in chicago) both support this action and witness. Please continue to walk the journey of peace, justice, and disarmament!

  3. The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space would like to sign the support letter.

    Best wishes to all.

  4. PaxChristi Metro Denver has unanimously agreed to sign the support letter. We are working on a campaign to eliminate the nuclear weapons in Colorado.

  5. Thank you! I heartily support all your efforts and thank God that you are speaking out!

  6. Nuclear Weapons are immoral, illegal and There is no greater Threat to World Peace and Humanity and the Environment than Nuclear Weapons.

    Under Nuremberg Principles even ordinary citizens have the right and the duty to prevent their state from committing a War Crime if in fact they have an opportunity to exercise their moral choice.

    One would call a person that prevents one murder a hero. What is wrong with a person that tries to prevent mass murder in a non-violent manner. Should that person not also be called a hero ?

    Of course everyone would say….

    I support this kind of non-violent action to prevent a War Crime.

    Ak Malten, Pro Peaceful Energy Use

  7. Whitefeather Peace House in Portland, Oregon, strongly supports our wondrous Plowshares resisters.

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