Anne Montgomery: A reflection on the “Teflon Nun”

(a reflection on Anne Montgomery from Ciaron O’Reilly)

I remember Anne most clearly around the beginning of our ANZUS
Plowshares process in 1990. She was such a delight to be in the
company as we set off on this grand adventure – a 10 month process
that saw us disarm a B-52 Bomber on the eve of Gulf War Continue reading

Anne Montgomery: “A Hero and a Saint”

A Tribute to Sr. Anne Montgomery

By Michele Naar-Obed

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote that I didn’t believe in heroes. Heroes, like saints, have been sanitized, whitewashed, sensationalized and put up on some unattainable pedestal where the rest of us are not supposed to go. So I guess it’s those kinds of heroes and saints that I can’t believe in. Continue reading

On Anne Montgomery: Of Two Hands and Two Feet

Dear Friends,

Kathy Kelly is one of those extraordinary souls whose acts of love, compassion and courage are well-known.  Kathy understands, as did Anne Montgomery, that it is not about “us” per se, but about our work and the fact that we do not do it alone.

Anne and Kathy would meet, not unexpectedly, in conflict zones where both were working with people in dire need.  It is work that takes not only faith, hope and courage, but persistence. Continue reading

Put an End to Nuclear Weapons Testing

Editor’s Note:  Today (August 29th) is the International Day to End Nuclear Testing.  Although atmospheric nuclear testing ended years ago, and underground testing is a rarity, this is still a critical issue for humanity.  The 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) has yet to enter into force.  The U.S. is one of a minority of countries that have not yet ratified the CTBT.  Furthermore, the U.S. has conducted what it calls “subcritical” nuclear tests, which I believe to go against the spirit of the CTBT. 

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his message on the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, said Continue reading

In Memory of Anne Montgomery: “Let the Children Live”

(This was originally posted at The Nuclear Abolitionist on August 28th)

Dear Friends,

In the long, hard struggle for a just, nonviolent, peaceful world there are participants who dedicate their lives so fully to the service of others – truly to all humanity – that they shine (in a humble way) bright as the noonday sun.

Anne Montgomery, RSCJ, who passed away yesterday, is one of those extraordinarily bright spirits.  Her every breath, every step, every word, every action embodied the deepest spirit of love and compassion.  Her nonviolent spirit poured from her and touched so many in this world. Continue reading

To Anne and the Road Less Travelled

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend and peacemaker Anne Montgomery was no stranger to the road less travelled, a road requiring great skills of spiritual navigation.  On the other hand, that road less travelled is one that was blazed by some well-worn sandals roughly 2000 years ago.  Anne locked on a true compass bearing that guided her well on her long, full life’s journey. Continue reading

Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: Peacemakers in a World Bound by War & Violence


A spirited and united group of walkers and supporters  – with special thanks to Bill Joyce, Margo Shafer and the Aldridges for dedicated and comforting SAG wagon duties – successfully and with full awareness of the irony of it all, accompanied Susan Crane back into the arms of the Dublin (CA) Federal Correctional institution for 60 more days of incarceration for her part in the 2009 Disarm Now Plowshares action. Continue reading

(The Long) Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: Day Three

Reflections at the end of the third day of the Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: From Lockheed to Lock-Up, from a number of participants – Susan Crane, Ed Ehmke, Bob Russell, Bill Joyce, Mary Jane Parrine, Carlos Coffield, David Taxis, Peggy Coleman and Margo Shafer.  Many voices, all walking together in concert for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Continue reading

A Malicious Nun? Are you kidding me?????

The following article about Sr. Anne Montgomery and the Disarm Now Plowshares was written by Documentary filmmaker and Emmy award winning writer and producer Helen Young, and published in The Huffington Post today.

A Malicious Nun?

There are many words that come to mind to describe Sister Anne Montgomery, and her work but “malicious” is certainly  not one of them. Sister Anne, an 85-year-old Roman Catholic nun from the Society of the Sacred Heart who once taught students in Spanish Harlem and high school dropouts in Albany, also spent years working for Christian Peacemakers, an  ecumenical anti-war group. She has put her life on the line in some of the world’s most war-torn regions, including the  Balkans in the 1990’s, the Middle East, and more recently in  Iraq. Her life has been devoted to working for peace and on  nuclear disarmament. Continue reading

Sunday meditation from Phil Berrigan

Meditation for Sunday, May 20th: a quote from holy outlaw Phil Berrigan:

“Nuclear weapons are the scourge of the earth. To mine for them, manufacture them, deploy them, use them, is a curse against God, the human family, and the earth itself.”

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