Plowshares Appeal: A Photo Finish

Friends, Here’s a photo of the legal team, defendants and supporters taken March 8th in the courtroom where the case for the Disarm Now Plowshares appeal was argued. As for the court’s decision, here’s what Blake Kremer had to say: “The court ruled for the government, finding that international law was not an issue before […]

Disarm Now Plowshares loses appeal (government loses moral values)

Hot off the presses from Courthouse News Service is news of today’s appelate court ruling on the Disarm Now Plowshares appeal of their conviction for the 2009 Plowshares action at the Bangor Trident submarine base. As usual, U.S. “law” (protecting government property) trumps the Hague Convention, Nuremberg Principles, the laws of war, every precept of […]

Disarm Now Plowshares Appeal: “an exciting morning…”

Dear Friends, The Disarm Now Plowshares defendants appealed their case on the basis that they were denied their right to present their defense in their December 2010 trial in Federal court.  Today, March 8th, attorneys representing the Disarm Now Plowshares defendants appeared in US Federal Appellate Court in Tacoma, Washington to present their arguments.  Attorney […]

Jesuit anti-nuclear activist back in jail for probation violation (article from NCR)

Editor’s Note: The following May 22, 2013 article by Seattle-based freelance writer Julie Gunter is reprinted from National Catholic Reporter Online: Jesuit anti-nuclear activist back in jail for probation violation. ************************** TACOMA, WASH. — A noted Jesuit peace activist who has spent over a decade in jail for nonviolent protest actions, mostly over nuclear weapons issues, has been […]

Steve Kelly and the final chapter of Disarm Now Plowshares prison time

Below is a brief report from Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa of The Nuclear Resister about Steve Kelly’s hearing yesterday in Federal Court. Yesterday’s hearing and Steve’s resulting final bit of jail time will bring to an end the prison journeys of Bill Bichsel, Susan Crane, Lynne Greenwald, Steve Kelly and Anne Montgomery, at least for […]

A call to repentance on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq

“A call to repentance on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq”,  by Wash DC Catholic Worker Art Laffin, originally published in the National Catholic Reporter – Mar. 19, 2013 Ten years ago on March 19, President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq. Following in the footsteps of his father, President George H.W. […]

~ Prison reflection from Steve Kelly, SJ*

 *(Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to The Nuclear Resister for publishing this reflection from Steve Kelly) From issue #166 of the Nuclear Resister, Posted on June 13th Unrecognized political prisoner: A Year’s Reflection Or as Steve Baggarly of the Norfolk Catholic Worker wrote in a letter from jail: “If the SHU fits…”  Many folks, mostly activists, […]

A Malicious Nun? Are you kidding me?????

The following article about Sr. Anne Montgomery and the Disarm Now Plowshares was written by Documentary filmmaker and Emmy award winning writer and producer Helen Young, and published in The Huffington Post today. A Malicious Nun? There are many words that come to mind to describe Sister Anne Montgomery, and her work but “malicious” is certainly  […]

Candle light vigil: Of monks and the world

Plowshares News   January 18, 2012 [from Joe Power-Drutis] We  have no idea how Bix’s meeting with his captors went at 10:30 yesterday morning; however, an energized group from Seattle to Tacoma and beyond gathered outside the SeaTac Detention Center in support of Bix and Steve. We were a bit of a motley group with close […]

Moving from “Empire to Servanthood”

Friends, The National Catholic Worker gathering wrapped up yesterday (Sunday) with prayers and nonviolent resistence at both the Nevada Test Site (aka: Nevada National Security Site) and Creech Air Force Base, protesting both nuclearism and drones.  59 Catholic Workers were arrested at the Test Site, and 18 were arrested at Creech. I’m sharing (see below) the Final Statement created […]