Can the law and justice ever meet?

Can the law and justice ever meet?

By Michele Naar-Obed

Following on all that has been reported about the Transform Now Plowshares action and trial I wanted to add a couple more observations and what I think are inspired insights. I submitted these insights along with a few other questions to the legal and support team and now want to share them with our wider Catholic Worker community. They are given here in the form of excerpts from a letter I sent to the legal team:

It struck me that the govt or the corporations felt so threatened by Megan and Michael going to those congressional hearings that they tried to criminalize that by saying they violated a condition of release. I think this is very telling. Remember Greg’s closing statement with regards to the “Good Samaritan” parable. He said we have heard the cries of the people on the side of the road and there are many of them. We are trying to raise their voices, their voices and stories of oppression of fear of living under the threat of the bomb, of feeling the depredation and loss of life-giving resources plundered and squandered for the benefit of a few.

The prosecution badgered them about going to far. Why can’t they protest from inside the new hope building or the side of the road he asked over and over again?

They couldn’t because they needed to bring the voices of all those people on the side of the road directly to the beast. They marked the beast, they tapped on the shoulder of the beast and begged the beast to listen. Then they went to the people who feed the beast, the lawmakers and policy makers and begged them to listen too. They were begging them to stop feeding the beast with more money. And then they went to the courtroom to the jury in hopes of convincing them that they did this for them too. Megan tried so hard to get them to recognize the spiritual death so many of the workers have undergone by protecting that beast and remaining silent even as they watched their brother and sister workers get sick and die.

I really think that these are the things that the shadow government run by these trillion-dollar corporations want to silence. criminalizing them and locking them up is their attempt to assassinate the Word made flesh and carried by the Holy Spirit by the hands and feet of Megan, Michael and Greg and all of us who are supporting them. They are hoping that by criminalizing them especially by labeling them as terrorists, they will be able to defame their character and take away their credibility. But they must know that they have to do that to all of us because you can’t take away the Spirit as long as there are a few people to receive Her and welcome her. That’s what Catholic Workers do.

And now we are asking you, the lawyers in particular to bring this message into the judges chambers. This is where justice and the law has the opportunity to meet and this is where justice and mercy might kiss (I think that is from Micah). As you continue to analyse what happened in that courtroom and where you will go next with the law in this last phase of sentencing, I’m hoping you will consider these thoughts that the Spirit raised with me in the night.

Happy Mothers Day, Peace, Michele


Editor’s Note: Read Judge Thapar rules: Convicted Y-12 protesters must stay in jail until sentencing at the Transform Now Plowshares blog.

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