Holy Tagging at Y-12

Dear Friends,

The three Holy Taggers of the Transform Now Plowshares – Greg, Megan and Michael – recently released evidence photos that make clear the real issues behind their July 28th Plowshares action at Y-12.  These three people of flesh and blood approached the fortress where uranium intended for nuclear weapons is stored.  They brought with them their blood, hammers, spray paint and crime scene tape.  They symbolically chipped away at the abomination that humans have made.  They poured out their own blood – that others may live.  Their holy graffiti is a clear message to the powers and principalities to repent, and turn away from the machinations of death making; choose life!  And of course the CRIME SCENE tape reminds us that the real crime here is the U.S. Goernment’s threat or use of nuclear weapons.

While much has been made (in the mainstream, corporate press) of the lax security at Y-12, the crucial issue is the one made clear through the messages sprayed on the concrete at Y-12.

The U.S. has a clear duty to make good faith efforts toward disarmament.  The facilities already built and planned for Y-12 (and other facilities in the U.S. nuclear weapons infrastructure) indicate quite the opposite.  There seems to be no end in sight for U.S. nuclear ambitions.  Modernization is the watchword.  A new Cold War is brewing.

The prophets speak.  Caesar is not listening.  No good can come of that.


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