Susan’s upcoming release… and a poem

Dear Friends,

Susan Crane will walk out of the Dublin Federal Correctional Institution on October 19th.

This time she will be “off paper”, meaning that she will have no further obligations – no conditions, probation… nothing – to the criminally unjustice system.

Margo Shafer, who has steadfastly supported Susan while at Dublin, will pick her up this Friday, and help her ease back into life on the outside.  Susan will be probably be going to the Redwood City Catholic Worker upon her release.

Susan told Margo that it “will be hard for her [leaving prison] as there are so many women in there that she would like to take out with her.”  I can imagine Susan carrying all of those women in her heart as she walks out of prison into the light of day.  She will carry with her all that they have shared with her – pain, hopes and dreams, tears, laughter…; these things that connect human beings.

Here is an untitled poem that Susan sent to Margo not too long ago; a fitting reflection nearing the eve of Susan’s release.

wednesday here
today, the Buddhist meditation. an hour of quiet. very special, very sweet.
today, a walk on the rec field. The field is dry, brown, with cracks in the earth from the dryness.
the cracks are 25 inches deep.
today, women in pain walk with me
today, sisters in laughter laugh with me
today, women in dream
dream with me for justice.
God’s tears would water the parched ground
heal the injustice
if we would

Susan Crane
 FCI Dublin

2 Responses

  1. Leonard. didn’t see this before writing you. Thanks! Karen

  2. And Susan is each one of us in the great web of life. And we are Susan and her companions are our companions. Aaahh, how wondrous to know we dwell in unity, and in diversity. And how wondrous to receive Susan’s message of reality in our Planet NOW, and to be disarmed and transformed by this message.

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