Memories of Anne M., by Brad Lyttle

I first met Anne Montgomery at the project, ‘The Walk for a Peaceful Future,” in Israel, in 1992. She was a slight woman, and had a chronic limp, but it was evident from the first that she had great energy, and did not permit her handicap to limit her activities.

Brad at Y-12 in 2012

Later, I participated with her on peace projects in Bosnia, and vividly remember her sipping one of her beloved lattes in a restaurant in Mejugorje. She provided the moving religious liturgy for the project Sjeme Mira, that managed to send peace delegations to West and East Mostar to talk with Croatians and Bosnians.

I met her again at the Christian Peacemaker Team’s project in Hebron, in the West Bank, and walked with her one evening in a peace mission through the dangerous streets of that city. Then, I remember her at many peace conferences and meetings in the United States.

I often wondered how one person could be involved in so many peace projects in so many places. Anne was invariably good-humored, and never complained of bad weather or primitive living conditions. I was always inspired by her, and will miss her physical presence in the peace movement. The memory of her generous, loving, and courageous spirit, expressed partly in her smile, will always be with me.

— Bradford Lyttle

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