TNP to U.S. Government: Cease and Desist (Preparing for the Unspeakable)

Greg, Megan and Michael have been clear.  First – They are not guilty of any charges brought against them as a result of their Plowshares action at Y-12.  Second – The following statement explains the U.S. Government’s obligations to cease its continuing preparations for nuclear war that constitute a breach of U.S. and international laws.  Here is their full statement.

1. We now stand accused of 2 felony and 1 misdemeanor charges concerning alleged events at the U.S. Government Y-12 nuclear weapons of mass destruction site on July 28, 2012. We submit the following recommendations according to current and controlling U.S. and international law which prohibits the planning, preparation, conspiracy for threat or use of nuclear weapons on-going at Y-12.

2. We recommend the immediate cessation of all nuclear weapons preparations at the Y-12 site which the U.S. knows are war crimes as defined in the U.S. criminal code and fundamentally unlawful violations of humanitarian law.

3. We recommend that the entirety of the Oak Ridge nuclear facility be placed under the control of the United Nations, according to good-faith nuclear disarmament treaty negotiations for the sole purpose of transforming the complex into life-enhancing alternative projects. A part of this transformation will include verifiable, transparent, safe and timely disposal of all polluting materials including the fissionable materials currently present for use at Y-12.

4. We recommend that the U.S. Department of Justice investigate and prosecute those responsible for the war crimes we pointed out.

5. We defendants acted in compliance with our legal obligations to reasonably oppose or expose known criminal acts of the U.S. military, corporations or governmental agencies. Among these crimes are: planning, preparations, conspiracy for threat or use of nuclear weapons such as those at Y-12 known and intended for indiscriminate and uncontrollable mass murder.

6. As law-abiding citizens of the Kingdom of God, the world, and of the United States, we are obligated in conscience and in law to act in accordance with the rule of law and to reasonably expose egregious violations of the most basic rules and principles of law. The U.S. Constitution provides that all international laws, treaties, agreements and understandings into which the U.S. Government enters become integral component parts of the U.S. Constitution. Among these are the Nuremberg Principles, the Hague Convention, the Geneva Convention, the United Nations Charter (with Preamble), laws outlawing crimes against the peace, various weapons of mass destruction, preemptive wars, the targeting of unarmed civilians, assassinations, other laws of war, and the United Nations Convention on Torture.

7. Accordingly, we the defendants shall not alter our not guilty pleas.

Greg Boertje-Obed, Sr. Megan Rice RSCJ, and Michael Walli


Link to Transform Now Plowshares Website

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