Help Document Disarm Now Plowshares

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest challenges we face in the movement to abolish the scourge of nuclear weapons is VISIBILITY.  Although you see the words nuclear and weapons combined in the news, it’s usually in the context of hand wringing over Iran or North Korea or other “rogue states” acquiring nuclear weapons.

What we don’t see is a discussion or analysis of our own country’s continuing development of its nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons infrastructure, and nuclear weapons delivery systems.  We also do not see any debate about the legal and moral issues related to the threat of use of nuclear weapons.

The Disarm Now Plowshares went to the heart of these issues when they challenged the very existence of the Trident first strike nuclear weapons system.  Their journey and struggle to speak truth to power has been long and difficult.

Enter documentary film producer Helen Young.  Helen is an Emmy award-winning producer who directs documentaries that illuminate critical social issues through personal stories.  Helen became interested in the Disarm Now Plowshares early on, and approached them about telling their personal stories.  They agreed, and Helen began the documentary filming process.

Helen has immersed herself in this project, and has been working hard to bring it to completion.  Getting a documentary film project funded is a struggle in its own right, and Helen has been working every angle.

Most recently she connected with USA Projects, an organization that helps the public discover and support artists and their projects, helping “them transform their creative visions into reality.”  The Disarm Now documentary project, called “The Bangor 5” is currently on the board at USA Projects for funding, and through its Website the project has (as of today) received $15,090 of its minimum goal of $20,000.

The project needs to receive $20,000 in donations to be funded, and the deadline for contributions is October 19th at 11:59 PM.  The clock is ticking, the contributions have been coming in, and there are 22 days remaining for people to help out.

As a nuclear abolitionist, and an ardent advocate of abolishing Trident, it is my deepest hope that this project will be funded, Helen will fully realize her creative vision, and we will one day (in the not too distant future) find ourselves sitting in a dark theatre watching “The Bangor 5.”

The message of the Disarm Now Plowshares needs to be heard loud and clear.  The court stifled its message, and the mainstream media all but ignored it.  The Bangor 5 documentary will tell their deeply personal stories and help engage the public in a serious dialogue about nuclear weapons.  The timing couldn’t be better with all the talk of continuing to build up the nation’s nuclear weapons infrastructure, refurbish more nuclear weapons, and build new weapons delivery platforms – particularly 12 new Ohio class ballistic missile submarines.

Click here to check out Helen’s documentary project on “The Bangor 5” at USA Projects, and share it widely. 

This is not only about realizing an artistic vision.  It is most importantly about realizing a future free of the scourge of Trident and all nuclear weapons.

In Peace,


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