Where’s Steve???

Hi Kids,

Welcome to “Where’s Steve???”.  As many of you know, Steve Kelly has been on the road, his whereabouts unknown to the general public and agencies of the Federal government.

This photo was taken early this month somewhere in the Midwest.  Can you guess where???  Okay, here’s a clue (or two).  He was at a house that offers hospitality, and the state flower here is the Wild Rose.

Find Steve in this photo and guess where it was taken.

You can post your answer by clicking “Leave a comment” at the bottom of this post.  Everyone who submits a correct answer will be automatically entered in Disarm Now Plowshares’ “Spend a Week in Solitary” contest.  One lucky contestant will be chosen, in a random drawing, to spend a week in solitary confinement in the prison of your choice.

The winner of this week’s contest will be notified directly by the Bureau of Prisons, and will have 10 days from the date of notification to report to prison.

But really folks; it’s good to see that Steve is getting around.  Looking good Stevo!

Watch for the answer in our next post.



Disclaimer: The Federal Bureau of Prisons reserves the right to substitute a solitary cell of equal or less value at an alternate prison of its choosing should space not be available at your primary choice.  Transportation and incidental costs are the responsibility of the inmate.

***September 30th Update:  Here’s the answer to the Where’s Steve Quiz.  It is the Des Moines Catholic Worker in Des Moines, Iowa.  Click here to read about Steve’s visit earlier this month.

One Response

  1. OK, so I am going to guess that this picture is taken in Iowa, quite possibly in Des Moines. If I win the contest, I reserve the right to decline the prize. I think that it is an extremely thoughtful prize but my social calendar is full and I simply don’t have time to claim the prize. I’d be happy to raffle it off as a fund raiser for the charity of the BOP’s choice, however.

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