Anne Montgomery: A reflection on the “Teflon Nun”

(a reflection on Anne Montgomery from Ciaron O’Reilly)

I remember Anne most clearly around the beginning of our ANZUS
Plowshares process in 1990. She was such a delight to be in the
company as we set off on this grand adventure – a 10 month process
that saw us disarm a B-52 Bomber on the eve of Gulf War

I remember having this great chat about her memories of growing up in
San Diego and the advent of televison! Also laughing as she took on
Elmer Maas in debates during our early plowshares meetings. And Jack
Marth refering to her as the “teflon nun” when the charges didn’t
stick after a resistance action!

It was always good to see Anne at ALC gatherings on our trips to NYC
through that year. She was always encouraging, with that special
twinkle in her eye when she knew “something was up” in terms of
nonviolent resistance brewing. It has been humbling to follow her
sojourn through war zones over the last year and always a delight to
stumble across a recent photo or article reporting on here whereabouts
and work. She has gone before us………..

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