To Anne and the Road Less Travelled

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend and peacemaker Anne Montgomery was no stranger to the road less travelled, a road requiring great skills of spiritual navigation.  On the other hand, that road less travelled is one that was blazed by some well-worn sandals roughly 2000 years ago.  Anne locked on a true compass bearing that guided her well on her long, full life’s journey.

If I were a minstrel I would write a song for Anne much like the one in this video.  This is a song that is truly for all those who follow the difficult path of God’s Foolish One.  My friend Todd Boyle re-edited a video of this song in a fitting tribute to the Disarm Now Plowshares, which was Anne’s last Plowshares action.  I share it here in memory of Anne and in tribute to all who take the hard road, the road less travelled… the road to Peace.



Untitled from toddboyle on Vimeo.

Lyrics to I Had No Right

God of the poor man, this is how the day began,
Eight codefendants, I Daniel Berrigan,
And only a layman’s batch of napalm.

We pulled the draft files out,
We burned them in the parking lot,
Better the files than the bodies of children.

I had no right, but for the love of you.
I had no right, but for the love of you.

Many roads led here, walked with the suffering,
Tom in Guatemala, Philip in New Orleans
It’s a long road from law to justice.

I went to Vietnam,
I went for peace, they dropped their bombs,
Right where my government knew I would be.

I had no right, but for the love of you.
I had no right, but for the love of you.

And all my country saw were priests who broke the law.

First it was question, then it was a mission,
How to be American, how to be a Christian,
If the law is their cross, and the cross is burning…

I — the love of you.
I — the love of you.

God of the just, I’ll never win a peace prize,
Falling like Jesus, now let the jury rise,
It’s all of us versus all that paper.

They took the only way, they know who is on trial today.
Deliver us unto each other, I pray.

I had no right, but for the love of you.
And every trial I stand, I stood for you.

Eyes on the trial,
Late a.m. arrival,
Hand on the Bible…

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