In Memory of Anne Montgomery: “Let the Children Live”

(This was originally posted at The Nuclear Abolitionist on August 28th)

Dear Friends,

In the long, hard struggle for a just, nonviolent, peaceful world there are participants who dedicate their lives so fully to the service of others – truly to all humanity – that they shine (in a humble way) bright as the noonday sun.

Anne Montgomery, RSCJ, who passed away yesterday, is one of those extraordinarily bright spirits.  Her every breath, every step, every word, every action embodied the deepest spirit of love and compassion.  Her nonviolent spirit poured from her and touched so many in this world.

Anne’s work for a just, peaceful world is not over.  It lives on in each of us who were touched by her life.

From Christian Peacemaker Teams to Plowshares actions, Anne put her life on the line so that others may live.  This photo is a small tribute to what dwelled in the depths of Anne’s huge heart.

Anne vigiling at the Kitsap Mall, Silverdale, WA, on August 7, 2010 during Ground Zero for Nonviolent Actions Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration (photo: Leonard Eiger)

Even on a grey, wet Pacific Northwest afternoon (photo above) Sr. Anne’s beautiful spirit shined forth for anyone who would look into her eyes.

May we continue the good struggle toward a nuclear weapons free world for the sake of future generations.


You can read about Anne’s life in the Memoriam to Anne at the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Click here to read Fr. John Dear’s interview with Anne.

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