(Peace) Walking, filled with the Light…

Mary Jane Parrine, who participated in the Walk for Nuclear Disarmament, shared her reflection of time spent with the Dominican Sisters in Fremont on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.  The time with the Dominican’s was one of many blessings experienced throughout the walk (from start to finish).  For Mary Jane, the actual blessing bestowed on the walkers the morning before leaving was particularly moving.


The Dominicans had posted information ahead about our walk and their need to pray for us. They (Sisters Gloria, Stella, and Reina, plus all the rest) welcomed the walkers and Fr. Louie at dinner and offered us a “Posada” in the full sense, allowing us to rest in body and spirit. Having showers was glorious. But one moment stands out for its connection to the PLC [Pacific Life Community] and past Plowshare actions.  Sr. Gloria, prioress of the Fremont Domincans of Fremont, asked before we left that we be given their special blessing, which they all sang together with their hands held over us. People came from all over the cafeteria, even back in the kitchen area, to join in. The words are below, and as they sang I remembered they are the same words sung to us by our beloved Jackie Hudson, O.P., before we left for Lockheed in March 2011, her last PLC retreat. I checked with Gloria to get the exact words, which are probably familiar to you:

May God creator bless you.
May God Redeemer heal you.
And may God the Holy Spirit fill you with light.

As an addendum, Peggy [Coleman] and I were walking back to our “dorm” singing The Vine and Fig Tree and one of the nuns caught up and joined in. As another sister did the same, they finished by saying “why don’t we all break into this song at the end of our evening prayers tonight..” Whether they did or not, it was a good feeling of camaraderie.

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