Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: Day Two


Another good day as the Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: From Lockheed to Lock-Up continues North toward the Dublin Federal Prison. 

The symbolism is not lost on me, as Susan and company began this walk at Lockheed-Martin, which is an integral part of the prison complex in which we all live that is nuclear weapons.  For her work trying to extricate humanity from this horrible prison, Susan has done serious time in our country’s prison system, and will now do two more months for her perserverance.

One more full day of walking, and then on Wednesday morning after a short walk those assembled will gather not far from the prison for a prayer service before Susan heads back inside.

Here is Jim Haber’s reflection on today’s walk.

It seemed like our visit to that Methodist/Episcopalian community was something that the different congregations there came together to support. Our faith and action was a little different than theirs, but several people  clearly were intrigued and grateful for the reflections our activism and anti-nuclear cause stirred in them.

Pastor Ernie walked with us for the first leg in the morning too. Angie’s chicken adobo and their homemade Egg McMuffin-type things kicked our morning off right. The presence of Margo’s    granddaughters brightened everyone’s day, even after they left. Couldn’t resist the photo by the valley of peace.

During the march today, we were on well-traveled streets almost the whole way. A few residential neighborhoods were mostly devoid of pedestrians, but other, busier areas had plenty of traffic (though    still not a lot of walkers). We received many peace honks even though we didn’t bring a “Honk For Peace” sign; people just knew! 

We spoke with Steve Kelly and Megan Rice. At all junctures, while the occasion of these people’s trials and general legal issues is the context for raising anti-nuclear issues, the real point we are making isn’t that nuclear weapons are unsafe, it is because the very existence of nuclear weapons makes the world unsafe.

If you are able to join us tomorrow, you can meet us in the morning at the Dominican Sisters of the Queen of the Holy Rosary at 43326 Mission Boulevard in Fremont.  You can call one of our walk contacts early tomorrow morning to find out where and when to meet us.  Call Ed Ehmke  650-208-7714, Jim Haber 415-828-2506 or Peggy Coleman, 408-221-3424.

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