Disarm Now Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament (August 19 – 22)

Dear Friends,

Our friend Susan Crane has been ordered to return to the prison at Dublin, California on August 22nd. If you haven’t read the summary of Susan’s July 23rd probation hearing you can read it here. She was given 60 days of additional prison time.

The court continues to protect the very weapons that threaten all of humanity with destruction by incarcerating those who speak out against the illegality and immorality of these horrific weapons and our nation’s continuing pursuit of them. The prisons are the hammer that protects the bombs.

It is therefore appropriate that Susan has chosen to make the long walk to the Dublin prison from the Lockheed Martin facility in Sunnyvale. This is the facility that manufactures the Trident II D-5 ballistic missile that is deployed on the Trident submarines.

This Disarm Now Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament will be an opportunity to connect the oppression of a retributive justice system to the nuclear weapons that are the ultimate expression of oppression over the entire world.

We will begin the walk at Lockheed Martin on Sunday, August 19th after a vigil there. Walkers will proceed over to the East Bay and head North. By Tuesday the group of peacemakers will reach Pleasanton. On Wednesday (the 22nd) Susan and companions will walk the final, short distance to arrive at the prison in the morning.

There will be one or more support vehicles following the walkers, and places to stay overnight are being worked out.

We invite supporters to join Susan and company for any part of the walk. It is in the planning stages, an there are still many details to work out.

We will start posting details at the Disarm Now Plowshares “Events” page shortly, and will update the Events page as details are worked out.

If you are interested in walking, or in supporting the walk in any way, please send me an email (at subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com) and I will be sure that you receive email updates.

If you don’t live in or near the San Francisco Bay Area but know others who do, please forward this email to them.

Nuclear weapons imprison us all. May each step in this walk help us break out of this grotesque prison.

With Thanks and In Peace,


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