Transform Now Plowshares Action Statement

Editor’s Note: This is the action statement the members of Transfrm Now Plowshares carried in to the y-12 nuclear weapons facility on July 28th.



“Come let us go up

to the mountain of God

to the house where God lives.

That God may teach us God’s ways

That we may walk in God’s paths….

For God will bring justice among the nations and bring peace between many peoples. They will hammer their swords into plowshares

and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations will not lift swords against nations. No longer will they learn to make war.

Come, let us walk in the light of God.”  Isaiah 2

Brothers and sisters, powers that be, we come to you today as friends,  in love.  We, like many of you, are people of faith, inspired by many who have gone before us, people like the prophets,  Isaiah and Micah, Jesus as well as Gandhi, and the countless who call us ‘to beat swords into plowshares’.  May we now transform weapons into real, life-giving alternatives, to build true peace.

We come to the Y-12 facility because our very humanity rejects the designs of nuclearism, empire and war. Our faith in love and nonviolence encourages us to believe that our activity here is necessary; that we come to invite transformation, undo the past and present work of Y-12; disarm and end any further efforts to increase the Y-12 capacity for an economy and social structure based upon war-making and empire-building.

A loving and compassionate Creator invites us to take the urgent and decisive steps to transform the U.S. empire, and this facility, into life-giving alternatives which resolve real problems of poverty and environmental degradation for all.

We begin together by preparing our minds and hearts for this transformation. And so we bring gifts to symbolize this transformation, instruments that serve life, peace and harmony, truth and healing to this nuclear weapons plant and everywhere.

We bring our life-symbols: blood, for healing and pouring out our lives in service and love. Our very humanity depends on lives given, not taken. But blood also reminds us of the horrific spilling of blood by nuclear weapons.

-our hammers, to begin the transforming work of deconstructing war machines, creating new jobs which address real problems, eliminate poverty, heal and foster the fullness of life for all.

We bring our truth-symbols: candles, for light transforms fear and secrecy into authentic security;

-flowers, the White Rose of forgiveness, acceptance of friendship and genuine reconciliation.

-the crime tape and an Indictment, which point out truth and end lies which have blinded and dulled the very conscience of nations, and serve the interests of justice for healing global relationships.

-a Bible, to remind ourselves to become sources of wisdom and to inspire our acts of conscience as we carry on.

Lastly we bring food, symbolized by this bread, strengthening us as we  build this new world where people do not feel compelled to build nuclear weapons in order to feed their families.  So may we break and share this bread together in joy and genuine friendship as we work together, empowered by our Creating God


Michael Walli               Greg Boertje-Obed             Megan Rice shcj

Transform Now Plowshares

5 Responses

  1. You openly claim a victory for your actions but when in court you plead NOT GUILTY to trespassing? Hypocrites, your organization has crossed the line from a peaceful organization to a TREASONOUS TERRORIST, SUBVERSIVE organization. Was the event funded by Al-qaeda? Lets hope some Congressional subcommittee forms to look into where your funding comes from.

  2. And how are you spreading the Gospel of Jesus by acting like thieves and robbers? Abortion spills more blood than the threat of Nuclear war or damages in the past. Why not spend your time counseling expentant mothers curbside at PP clinics. That’s right you threw away your habit for the SOCIAL JUSTICE of communists.
    Shame on you sister.

  3. expectant

  4. […] activists made their anti-nuclear convictions evident in a declaration, which opens with a passage from the Book of Isaiah: We come to the Y-12 facility because our very […]

  5. […] activists made their anti-nuclear convictions evident in a declaration, which opens with a passage from the Book of Isaiah: We come to the Y-12 facility because our […]

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