Fr. Kabat says to “De-Fence” is better than “Defense”

Dear Friends,

Our dear colleague in holy mischief, Fr. Carl Kabat, continues following God’s Foolish One down the path of nonviolence while continuing to throw wrenches into the gears of the empire’s machinery of death.  Here is a update on Fr. Carl’s early morning antics this Interdependence Day.  Following the update you can read Fr. Carl’s witness statement on today’s action at the new (and I’m sure greatly improved) Kansas City nuclear weapons plant (that produces approximately 85% of the non-nuclear components for our nations nuclear weapons).

For those who think that the term “defense”, in the way it has come to be twisted by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex/Corporate Crime Syndicate, is rather offensive, Carl suggests something new: De-Fence.  I think he might be on to something!

Blessed are the Peacemakers,


P.S. – Happy Interdependence Day (and also, as Alice Zillah reminded me earlier today, Happy Indigenous Freedom Day, or Happy __________________ (fill in the blank with your own day of celebration).


Update from Chrissy Kirckhofier

Since his bit of holy mischeif early this morning Karl has been charged with 2 counts of trespass and one charge of property destruction. He is being detained in the KC detention center on a $750 bond.  It is antipated that he will appear before the judge via court TV at 9am tomorrow morning.

Carl in a previous Plowshares action at a missile site

Carl’s intent was to do prep work in the days prior to Interdependence Day by cutting as much of the fence perimeter of the 170 acres to in his words “allow all of the Holy One’s deer and other animals that once used the former bean field for its habitat”.   He continued, “Besides the bolt cutters to de-fence the property, I intend to take a claw hammer which could be used for whatever need arises and some sugar with me….what I would like to do and what I will be able to do are two very different things. May the Holy One bless us and have mercy on us.”At the age of 86, Fr. Carl Kabat, OMI has continued his life work of doing “nonviolent public resistance to evil” by embodying Isaiah’s prophecey of beating swords into plowshares. He has spent over 18 years in prison for this witness. May we be inspired by Carl’s witness today as we celebrate Interdependence Day, grateful for the witness of those willing to take a risk for all of Creation.  He stated “in place of defense I would like to de-fence.”


Fr Carl Kabat ‘85% Pruning Hooks” July 4, 2012 Witness Statement at Nuke Weapons Parts Plant in KC 4

I, Fr. Carl Kabat, omi, have decided to celebrate Independence Day July 4th, 2012 (better named Interdependence Day) at the New Nuclear Bomb Factory in Kansas City, Missouri. Eighty-Five percent (85%) of the nuclear bombs we (the US Citizens) own were made in Kansas City and 85% of all our future bombs will be made at this new factory in Kansas City.

The bombs we dropped on Japan have killed over one hundred thousand (100,000) of our Japanese sisters and brothers, plus five of our own Air-force personnel being held in jails there. This includes those sisters and brothers immediately vaporized and those who died slow deaths over the following weeks, months even years.

The Nazis killed and burned approximately six million (6,000,000) Jews and five million (5,000,000) others. One of our Minuteman III’s could kill approximately three million (3,000,000) of our sisters and brothers. We have perfected the “art” of killing and burning of sisters and brothers to the point that what the Nazis accomplished in years, we can do in minutes. Four Minuteman III’s could kill twelve million (12,000,000) of our sisters and brothers. We (and others) have perfected the killing of sisters and brothers to the ultimate.

Dum-Dum Bullets and poison gas are outlawed by International Law. The opinion of the International Court in 1995 states that nuclear weapons are a Crime Against Humanity!

Fr. Carl Kabat, omi 1450 Monroe Street St. Louis, MO 63106

2 Responses

  1. Please let Carl know that we support him and his action.
    From Bill Antone, OMI, Oblate provincial

  2. What a great contrast to the military propaganda and dramatic displays of weapons ! Reminds me of the Soviet Union . I wish Fr. Kabat’s action had more publicity. And who knows, it may help the many clown fearers overcome their neurosis.

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