Palm Sunday Vigil at SeaTac Federal Detention Center

Looking for a way to show love and support for Fr. Steve Kelly and Susan Crane?

We will return to the Federal Detention Center at SeaTac for a vigil on Palm Sunday.  Steve and Susan remain incarcerated for the Disarm Now Plowshares Action of November 2009. They have been imprisoned for a year and Palm Sunday is a very good time to remind Susan and Steve that the community still holds them in our hearts.

Date of Vigil:  April 1, 2012 Time:  2 – 3 PM Place:  2425 S 200th St, SeaTac, WA  98498

Please invite a friend and bring palm branches if you have them or some other sign of support for Susan and Steve.

Vigil members have been asked not to use detention center parking. It is unclear whether or not cars parked at the detention center will be a problem.

If you are coming from Tacoma, a carpool group will meet at 1418 South G Street (in front of Guadalupe House) in Tacoma at 1:10 and leave for the prison at 1:20 PM.

January 2012 SeaTac vigil when Bix was in solitary.

If you are driving up separately, I advise parking on or near 200th and Highway 99 and then walking to the detention center.

About Susan:  Susan is not at SeaTac; she is scheduled to be released from the Federal Detention Center in Dublin California on April 25th. We invite you to join our virtual vigil (see below) in support of Susan as she spends her last month in detention.

About Steve: Steve refuses to cooperate with the punishment he received for following his conscience and international law. After being incarcerated last March, he temporarily cooperated in order to remain with Bix and care for him. However, when Bix was removed from SeaTac – in May – Steve returned to non-cooperative status and was placed in solitary confinement where he remains to this day. Steve is scheduled to be released in early June.

About the Virtual Vigil: Whether or not you can join us at SeaTac, please take time on April 1 to be “vigilant” about nuclear disarmament in Susan’s and Steve’s name. Some possibilities:

Tell the Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Urge your legislators to commit to nuclear disarmament

Write a letter to the editor … any editor!

If you have any other questions please call me at 253-779-8362


Joe (Power-Drutis)

Editor’s Note: In addition to the two advocacy actions listed above, you can find additional advocacy actions at The Nuclear Abolitionist.  Scroll down the right-hand column to the section titled “Advocate for a Nuclear Weapons Free World.”

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