Bix has some BLING (courtesy of BOP)

Joe Power Drutis reports that Bix has a new fashion accessory: his official Bureau Of Prisons ankle bracelet was snapped on early afternoon on February 23rd.  Bix has now joined the ranks of ankle bracelet veterans like Anne Montgomery, who also wore one after her release from prison.

     A bright spot: Bix cannot leave his house before 6 am ; but, he can go about his community building and ministry after 6 as long as he is back home before 9 pm!  Ooooh, just think of the possibilities!!!
     And for those who are wondering how long Bix gets to wear this exotic piece of ankelwear, it’s for 6 months! He is going to have a ball doing the Hokey Pokey!

Is this a fashion statement, or what???

3 Responses

  1. That’s so fashionable! But how does Bix change his socks?

  2. So this is the “Brave New World” that we were warned of… While advocating Peace I think we need to “turn over the tables of the money changers”. It is the war profiteers who push for war and the arms needed. It is hopefully, by prosecution that we can expose them and our leaders who are guilty of the abuse of power. It is turning the tables and holding our ‘leaders’ accountable for there actions.This is how ‘we the people ‘ regain our ‘voice and power’. It needs to begin at the top. When we can hold our Presidents accountable for torture and war crimes, those future leaders will have a greater deterrent to avoid doing the same. Where there is no accountability there will be abuse of power and some level of tyranny. It comes down to “no justice no peace”. So in order to beat our weapons into plow shares, we must criminalize those whose actions harm and threaten the lives of others. “Every gun that is made,every warship launched,every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and our not fed, those who are cold and our not clothed” Dewight D. Eisenhower Imagine if the case was made that the even before that missile was built, it was shown that the “crime” was a theft from our society in reducing humane care and service. “Crimes against humanity” Using art for social change. Lets make it required that the needs of the society are fully and adequately met before any money can be spent on defense as frivolous as nuclear testing, etc.

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