Bix to leave SeaTac tomorrow!

[from Joe Power-Drutis]

By all accounts Bix should be getting out of SeaTac tomorrow, February 9th, sometime in the morning.

As you may recall, communications have been somewhat stilted since Bix returned to SeaTac Detention on January 11th and immediately chose Non Cooperation Status and subsequently Solitary Confinement (very much the same as Steve Kelly has lived for 8 months).

Given his extensive fasting and living in a 5’x 10’ box for the past month, I really do not know what Bix desires upon his release; therefore, the plan is for Theresa and I to go to SeaTac and await his release – not knowing what time that will be. Bix has no access to a phone and I feel certain the prison authorities have not informed him of a release time; a common discourtesy that is par for the course.

It is also unknown what form his home confinement will take. Apparently the probation office is in charge of this and information about this next type of confinement has been little. All I know is that Bix was told, prior to entering SeaTac, that he could expect the home confinement to begin shortly following his release from SeaTac.

Once Bix is released tomorrow, and he tells us what he wants, I will be sending out his wishes through Plowshares News and by phone as well as I can. He may desire a time of rest and centering, on the other hand he may be ready to party the day through; one never can predict where his desires and energies are.

I end with a thought Steve Kelly sent to me recently; I find his words thought provoking.

Steve writes after learning Bix had to take a bus to Tacoma on January 10th:  I grieve for the people that Bix seems to encounter. People with power seem to leave their humanity at the parking lot…an 84 y.o. wasn’t permitted a car ride…!?!  Reminds me of Dorothy Day’s words, – “Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.”

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