Bix to be released on February 9th!

[An update on Bix from Theresa Power-Drutis]

Bix is warm but is still not getting any sleep; the itching continues and mattress remains as thin as a groat.

He writes that his release date is Feb 9, not the10th (the sentence is for 90 days, not three calendar months).

Bix began a fast and period of prayer today (February 1st) for the release of Leonard Peltier. He plans to continue fasting until after the February 4th march and vigil at the federal building in Tacoma. Bix invites anyone whose “spirit moves them” to join in the fast or the International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier. More information about Leonard Peltier and the march are available through the link below. Although the file is labeled 2011, the information is actually about the 2012 event.

Responding to concerns about this health, Bix adds, “My spirit and person are at peace and strong in the resolve to act out of the Spirit of Christ’s nonviolence and community building.”

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