Bix has ended his fast… and some words from him!!!

Friends, Hot off the presses from “Guest Reporter” Theresa Power-Drutis we have an update on Bix!!!  Bix has ended his fast, and (according to Theresa) sounds very upbeat. 


Yesterday I received a letter written by Bix on January 24. I believe Bix’s own words best describe how he is doing; so, here they are:

On fasting and Intentionality: “I don’t ask that I be removed from the SeaTac SHU. I find peace and connection with all of you in here.  I feel a real sense of God’s presence and a calling to nurture and live out this freedom God has given me. I’m more weak today from the fast and have decided to end the fast tomorrow in the evening. “

On gratitude and community: “Thank you hugely for the vigils – in the arctic weather – and for the tremendous outpouring of help and consciousness you have brought about. Overwhelmed and humbled am I.”

On health: “I would like to express my heartfelt love to all of you working to better my condition.  I now have four blankets and some itching cream. I did not sleep, but am not out of shape by it. I am deeply sustained by my liquid-only fast.”

Retraction/Correction Policy: Plowshares News welcomes comments and suggestions, or complaints about errors that warrant correction. 🙂

Here are 2 such corrections from Bix RE: Blake’s visit “I was asked by the Lieutenant at SeaTac, ‘Why are you doing this?’ I answered, ‘Conscience.’ She responded, ‘This has nothing to do with conscience – this is a matter of policy.’ I replied, ‘You said it well – you have divorced policy from conscience.’”

Our report printed that last line as, “What is policy for some is not acceptable to Christians.” While this is probably true, it is not the point that Bix was trying to make. “What I’m saying is that policy without conscience is not acceptable to anyone.  I’m saying that the bureaucratic stronghold of policy has squeezed conscience to a drip level.”

Re: Naiveté vs. Fully Informed Risk Taking Bix writes that the government often portrays peace activists as, “well-meaning, generous, community helpful persons – but Charlie Brown like – out in left field.”  This is not the case, as Bix’s life – including more than two years of personal experience with the inhumanity of the Bureau of prisons – has proven.

“I didn’t choose the halfway house because of trust in the BOP or “Nazi” offer – I chose it out of an unknowing cloud of things going on within me.  Different elements, such as the courage and resistance of the young ‘White Rose’ woman to the Nazi court – complete condemnation – came to me over a few weeks, thoughts of,  ‘How will the BOP violate me back in,’ were floating in this cloud.  Also, thoughts of, ‘Maybe it’s a time to get to the Jean’s House Renovation.’ ‘Maybe the BOP doesn’t want to pay for my medications anymore.’ All of these elements were playing inside – for me it was a stepping out of my comfort zone to the unknown.”


To each of you who added your voice in seeking basic care for Bix – whether through a letter, phone call, prayer, meditation, or other action – thank you! We never know which ounce may tip the scales of power toward compassion.

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. ~Ethiopian Proverb

6 Responses

  1. thank you for telling me that Bix is getting services to give him warmth and humanity. Nancy Hanrahan

  2. Thank you for telling me that Fr. Bix is getting services that will give him warmth and humanity. Nancy Hanrahan

  3. Blessings to Bix — and thank you for this report!

    Re the correction : Our report printed that last line as, “What is policy for some is not acceptable to Christians.” I appreciate the clarification. “Christian” is a word/description that “stops” me — from feeling included, from having my own love and compassion recognized. I don’t identify myself as any religion, or not religion, but still feel separate when that description is used.

  4. Hi to BIX, from Guatemala. I keep jesuit friends up our you and Steve. Much prayer, love and support. Glad ya got blankies and I hope warm socks. Some nice soft music would be nice and glad you coming off fast. The nurse in me. Have a good day tomorrow. I will be in Seattle in late February. Hope to see ya. love sheila

  5. You are in my prayers dear Father. May you continue to inspire, encourage, and empower others to follow the example of our Lord, the Prince of Peace! You are truly a child of God! May God bless you and keep you now and always!

    Pax Christi,
    +Brian E. Brown, OSH

  6. Desde Guatemala un compañero jesuita que te quiere y admira por todo lo que Sheila nos cuenta. R. Falla sj

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