Seeing with the heart: a note from Joe

[A note from Joe Power-Drutis]

January 24, 2012

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential, is invisible to the eyes” ~ The Little Prince

On Sunday, shortly before our motley Northwest group headed to vigil at the SeaTac Detention Center, in order to call attention to their negligence of Bix, my brother George called with the news that our older brother Reds, died suddenly that morning of an apparent heart attack.

Once again, we are reminded that the hour and day of our appointed time to leave this rock remains unknown, until it is time. Knowing Reds, his last thoughts were probably, “Wow, this happened fast … well, that’s life.”

I hope he also knew that we will miss him dearly. Reds takes a little part of us along with him and a part of his spirit of kindness and generosity remains with us.

In a few hours I’ll be returning to Pittsburgh to join my family to honor and give thanks for the life of Stanley Drutis Jr. “Reds.”

Given the present state of affairs surrounding Bix’s imprisonment, Theresa and I both feel it’s best that she remain in Tacoma as we continue to advocate for basic care for Bix and others in prison. Reds had a special place in his heart for Theresa as he did for so many of us. She found a letter of support recently that Reds had written; none of us knew it existed. Theresa writes about what is essential and meaningful.

Stanley Drutis JR. November 13, 1942 – January 22, 2012

Yesterday morning Joe’s Brother, “Reds,” died due to heart failure. His most essential heart (compassion) never failed him while he walked the earth. We will always remember Reds for his eccentric driving, quirky sense of humor, and boundless generosity.

Reds also cared deeply about his family and their causes. Despite living many states away, he was a regular donor to the Tacoma Lesotho Connection and recently wrote this letter to the Magistrate in Knoxville Tennessee in support of the Y-12 Nuclear Resistors:

Stanley Drutis PA, 15216 Sep 12, 2011 @ 7:38 PM

Your Honor: Before rendering the final decision in this matter, please considerthe underlying and truly superior motives of these defendants. In our fast-paced and often phrenetic world, where power and money will more likely trump honor and virtue, it is at least refreshing that a (very) few individuals would put themselves at risk in a non-violent way in pursuit of a goal that clearly will benefit all mankind. It is of course too late to turn back thenuclear clock, but (for me) any peaceful efforts to mitigate the risks going forward should be applauded- not condemned. If only our world’s leaders would earnestly come together in furtherance of this same goal.
The Northwest contingent of the Drutis Clan remains grateful for the love and life of our dear Reds. He will be missed.

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