Bix back at SeaTac (Part 2): Perspective…

[From the Editor:  This note came from Joe Power-Drutis early this morning.  I can picture him waking, and centering on God in the stillness of this bright, clear, sunny morning… Grace flooding through him… and he finds that still place to gather his thoughts before writing (always a good idea)… it is Peace (and all that flows from it), that elusive place we all must seek within ourselves to stay on (the nonviolent) path throughout this difficult journey we are all on.  Thank you, Joe,  for reminding us.]

I probably shouldn’t write when I am angry; on the other hand, given
how I felt yesterday, I probably would not have been able to update

Anyways, I first want to apologize to Bix and then to you for my
unfiltered and impulsive rantings yesterday. As can be expected,
unrestrained emotions have a way of muddying up the waters of whole
experience and prohibit us from right action.

I will be going to SeaTac today and will attempt to visit with Bix.
Today should be one of his normal visiting days of the weekend. If
this comes about, he will let us know the reason or reasons for the
return to SeaTac.

It is important to remember though that BOP cannot hold him past his
court appointed release date which is February 9th; at which time he
was scheduled to return to Jeans House of Prayer and begin serving his
6 months of home detention, which was the second part of his Disarm
Now Plowshares action at the Trident Sub Base on November 2, 2009 –
All Souls Day.

Pope John XXIII once wrote: “True peace is born of doing the will of
God, and bearing with patience the sufferings of this life, and does
not come from following one’s own whim or selfish desire, for this
always brings, not peace and serenity, but disorder and discontent.”


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