Bix has been returned to SeaTac!!!

[An update from Joe Power-Drutis]

My mother in law, the very wise late Mary Powers used to say “fool me
once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.

Oh Bix – you are always so ready to trust the enemy, even love the
enemy, fact is to do anything else but that would be contrary to your
nature – Nonetheless, did you not hear what Captain Kirk said “the
Klingons can’t be trusted”!!!

So picture this, Saturday January 7th – we’re sitting there at SeaTac
and I’m telling him the Nazi’s have something up their sleeve – Bix
says I need to work on my trust issues – I tell him he makes a comical
Charlie Brown and that Lucy invariably will always pick up the
football at the last minute and Charlie Brown will always land on his
bald head!! Well, in forty five years I can count on one hand the
number of times he has listened to my advice, a little like talking to
your children, and this wasn’t going to be one of them.

So – Bix is back at SeaTac. What can I say. I was in the process of
going to Progress House today with some supplies and a letter from his
Primary Care Doctor about medical care issues when I was informed that
he was returned to SeaTac Federal Detention, probably yesterday Jan
11th. Everyone has closed lips. So what’s new about that.

Once again, referring to my report a couple of days ago – once you are
in the custody of BOP, they own you and literally can do whatever they
want with you, providing no explanations, anytime they want.

So now, here’s the real question. Get it right and you get an “A” on
your final; it’s a tough one, a fill in the blanker, none of this true
or false stuff.

Question: Why can BOP do this to Bix?

And the Answer is: Because _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

If you’ve answered the question correctly, it means you’ve been doing
your homework!

I’ll be back at you just as soon as I have more information. I will
say this though, based on my conversation with several of the people
in that system, I generally believe he is OK and that he remains in
good health. After all, Blake and Oratai did see him on the evening of
the 10th and he was in very good spirits. Whatever happened after
that, who knows, anything is possible with BOP and once again the only
thing that is consistent with them is their in-consistence! Once again
to Blake and Oratai, your quick action to go and see him lets us know
he is probably ok; and we are all very grateful for your timely

And to you, our Master, Fr. Steve Kelly who lives in solitary
confinement at the Federal Detention Center SeaTac in total non
cooperation with the Klingons – wipe that smile off your face!


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