Bix is now in Tacoma

Plowshares news January 11, 2012 [from Joe Power-Drutis]

Bix did leave the Federal Detention Center SeaTac yesterday, January 10, sometime in mid morning and arrived at his destination, a federal transition house in Tacoma’s hilltop, sometime in early afternoon.

When we had not received any word from him by 7PM, I phoned Blake Kremer and he went to the house I was told Bix should be at, to confirm that he had arrived.

Blake and Oratai went immediately to investigate and were able to both see and talk with Bix for a short while before they were informed that he was not permitted to see anyone at that time.

Bix at his prayer sendoff, ,11/10/2010

Apparently this facility has a 72 hour “black out” period; during which time the new person cannot make contact with the outside world. It boggles the mind to understand why the bureau of prisons dictates that an 83 year old man in poor health must travel, unescorted, for a number of miles and hours, with no money in his pocket, by public transportation, and at the end of his travels cannot inform anyone
that he has arrived at his destination without mishap.

Once again, Why? Because they can!!!! Such an incredible lack of decency and commonsense.

Blake and Oratai found Bix in very good spirits. Bix reported that his journey from SeaTac to the transitional house went well and that he was feeling good.

Oratai, being Tacoma’s premier gourmet cook, took a tasty meal for Bix but was told their residents were not permitted cooked food from the outside; only packaged items. So, in the end they could only leave a bottle of water.

A very big thank you Blake and Oratai, for your willingness and speed in tracking down Bix. I am certain by your presence and gift of food, Bix was able to feel once again he was in the neighborhood of friends and all who love and care for him. You took all of us with you.

So, with the 72 hour black out period, I suspect we will not have contact with Bix until sometime on Friday, January 13th. Once I hear from him I will send out more information about his situation at this new facility. At this point in time, the above information from Blake is the only knowledge I have of Bix, other than his location, which is:

Tacoma CSC
922 South “J” Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

My understanding is that he cannot be called at this facility and that
on Friday he will be able to confirm if we can write to him at the
above address.


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