Bix getting ready to leave SeaTac!

[from Joe Power-Drutis]


I received a call yesterday from none other than Robert F. Rekofke, S.J., otherwise known by many as “Rock”; presenting residing with the Jesuit Community at Gonzaga University. Apparently he and other more wise and scholarly friends have concluded that my babble on January 2nd, in Plowshares News, left something to be desired in so far as clarity was concerned regarding Bix and his projected upcoming moves. I, in great humility, asked did or didn’t he teach Latin some years back to eager high school students? He agreed he did – and I inquired as to just how many of them were speaking in Latin today? Well – he failed to understand how his teaching Latin related to anything – and so might you! But I do! And sense the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, I shall continue; much to his and your probable dismay.

It is important to understand that when one decides to take a stroll on the grounds of one of our governments nuclear sub bases, or chooses to walk a few feet onto one of their monolithic nuclear bomb making facilities, the fed’s become very unhappy and want to own your body for a number of months or years; so, they contact their friends who run around with big shiny badges on their chest and others who wear long black robes, and work in buildings shrouded in secrecy with a statue of a woman with a blind fold on, to do their dirty work and show you who really is in charge! Would you call this a run on sentence?

Now you have to understand one other thing; Bix didn’t make my job of communicating with you any easier by deciding to take a stroll on the Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific (SWFP AC) Nuclear Submarine Base here in the beautiful Northwest and Y-12 nuclear bomb making plant in Oak Ridge Tennessee all in one 12 month period. Actions like his just delight those people in black robes and after they are done smacking their tables with wooden hammers, who really knows all the bends and twists your life will take.

So, in an effort to be as clear as I possibly can be (which is already laced with numerous limitations) let’s press on.

This last September, Bix was sentenced to 3 months of lock up time for his part in the Y-12 resistance action of July 5, 2010. Simply put, this means for 3 months his physical self is owned by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). During this 3 months BOP can decide to move him around and rearrange how those months are to be spent; but, for this 90 day period they own you and can limit your actions to a 5’ x 10’ space, as in Steve Kelly’s case for non cooperation with evil, or let you out of the big house earlier with “stipulations”.

We have already experienced how consistently inconsistent BOP can be with their “stipulations”; when Lynne Greenwald was offered a change of status from the big house to community. Their games boggle the mind. Lynne wasn’t out but a few hours when BOP changed their plan and had those men with big badges pick her up and return her to lockup. Why? Because they can!!

Simply put, Bix has agreed to stipulations that result in a move from the Federal big house at SeaTac Detention to a smaller Federal house here in Tacoma called Progress House on Tuesday January 10th. Theoretically he is scheduled to remain at Progress House until the first few days in February and then return to live at Jeans House of Prayer until February 10th. His 3 month sentence began on November 11th and will end on February 10th. During all of this time, even at Jeans House of Prayer, he will remain under the authority of the Bureau of Prisons.

To say that I am skeptical of BOP intentions would be an understatement; however, Bix has agreed to the move, therefore it is important to support his wishes in whatever way we can. In one stipulation BOP has made, they are not permitting anyone to escort Bix from SeaTac to Progress House; he must journey alone and by bus. Go figure? Why? Because they can! We’re learning. Like you, you can imagine my delight at this particular “stipulation”.

When he is in touch with me tomorrow, I will write once again to tell you how his day has gone.

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